Monday, 3 October 2016

I Went To Lush.. Again

"You've been to Lush again?" This is what literally everyone says to me when I tell them Ive stocked up on bath bombs, I'm not even sorry. Do not care one little bit haha. 

Im sure you're well aware by now, but I absolutely ADORE Lush. Everything about it, how pretty everything looks, the smell, how they don't test on animals, everything basically aha. Ive been known to put in some pretty hefty orders on the website, but yesterday I spent the most money I've ever spent on bleedin bath bombs! £122 pounds to be exact, I know, I know. Although I did buy a huge gift set for my cousin which was £45 pound so let me off! 

I thought I would share the things I picked up because I find these posts super interesting, if Lush isn't for you then I would probably recommend ditching this post for a different one! :) to put it bluntly haha.

So I visited my localish store which is the one in Bath, it's actually pretty big and the staff in there are all lovely! I think I spoke to near enough every member of staff in there, probably because my basket was so full. Someone even came up to me and told me they've read my blog which was super lovely, (hello to you if you're reading! also leave a comment so I can see your blog because stupid me forgot to ask what yours was!!) I just love how lovely and friendly everyone is in there; you're my faves guys!

ANYWAY, enough chatting, here is everything I picked up;

The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar
Bloody love this one! I didn't actually like this last year which was weird? But I feel his is the most christmassy looking thing I picked up, I almost don't want to use it so I can put it on show, sad I know! This was £5.95

So White Bath Bomb
This is an old favourite, it smells exactly like apples and I can't get enough of it, I think they've redesigned it this year, I don't remember the leaf last christmas! This was £3.75

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
Again, another old favourite, and it's bloody huge! I remember the gold turns your bath such a pretty colour, I cannot wait to use this again! This was £4.25

Father Christmas Bath Bomb
This smells exactly like snow fairy, which Im actually not that keen on, I think I used it too much last year & now I've gone off it :( even so, the bath bomb isn't as strong, and it looks so pretty. This was £3.75

Star Dust Bath Bomb
Ok so this one is super simple compared to the others, and considerably cheaper, but I love it all the same. I had loads of these last year, I was obsessed, & it has colour inside :) This was £2.95

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb
Weirdly, I have heard nothing about this bath bomb? I don't know if because I've been away I've missed something but I saw this and was like ????? what the hell are you? Haha, it's so citrusy so I can pretty much bet money no the fact It's going to be a new favourite. This was £4.25

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb
This was another one I never used to like, but recently Ive started to like it, it's growing on me should I say. Im not gunna lie, I definitely bought it because of the amazing colours inside! 

& thats everything I managed to pick up this weekend! I did buy a big comforter shower gel but the lady in the shop somehow didn't pack it which is fab, not sure what to do about that, but hey ho, I love literally everything I picked up. Im sure there will be more posts like these, but more than likely demo's! So keep your eyes peeled for those :)

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  1. Ooh, these all sound so nice!

    xo, Liz

  2. Ughhhh I seriously need to make a pit stop at Lush. I don't even take baths, but just looking at these bath bombs makes me want to!


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