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Kylie Cosmetics vs Barry M's Matte Me Up | Liquid Lip Kits

For a while now, or so it feels, liquid lipsticks have been the be all and end all in the beauty world and I do have to agree, bloody love um. 

I do have to say though, what I don't enjoy is having to fork out a fortune on a lip kit for it to then be shipped over from America TO THEN having to pay a fortune for a customs charge. No thank you. 

Don't get me wrong, Kylie Cosmetics has been my holy grail when it comes to a decent liquid lipstick, I don't think I've really found another brand I'm even semi pleased with.. and that's not just because I'm fussy, or maybe I am, I dunno. Even so, as we all know Kylie is the queen of lip kits. Or so I thought, until I saw a post on Barry M's Instagram, showing a sneak peak of their brand new lip kits. *excited squeal* 

I loved Barry M anyway so to say I had high hopes was a slight understatement. I picked up the shade Runway from Superdrug, for around £5 ish I think, annoyingly the actual lip kit isn't on the website anymore, but I popped into my local store 2 days ago and its still there! Pretty sure they were a limited edition thing but you're still able to by a singular lipstick and then the lipliner separately. The lipsticks are £4.99, and the liners £2.99, how amazing is that considering a Kylie Lip Kit is £23.00?!


 I can't fault the packaging of both of them. I LOVE the matte detailing on the Barry M tube, definitely something they should've done to Kylie's, I think it'd look a lot better personally! However the Barry M one does look a lot cheaper, I don't really know why, or just because I know it was cheaper, if you know what I mean?

The Kylie applicator, (oh, this is the shade Candy K if I haven't already said) is the perfect size but actually looks quite messy. I think for a while the Kylie ones didn't have a stopper so the product would get really messy & all over the place, not fab. Mine however does have a stopper, but even so product does still get around the top of the tube and down the applicator, maybe I'm just being really rough or something haha who knows.

I think you can kinda see what I mean here, Ive used this Barry M one a fair few times now and it still looks in perfect condition, it isn't too messy and I dunno, do you know what Im trying to say?! It just looks in pristine edition still, like it hasn't been touched. The end isn't as fluffy as the Kylie one, which may make a difference, but I don't notice it when using it. 

The lipliners as essentially, pretty identical. Both matte black, both have silver lettering. Ive found the Kylie one quite tricky to keep sharp, I feel like I'm constantly sharpening it because it's so soft, and getting that sharp point is quite tricky. I haven't yet used the Barry M lipliner, but I've used other colours from the brand and I love them. For £2.99 I haven't found a better, softer, affordable lip liner. So I have no doubt this will be the same. 

 Kylie's Candy K Swatch.

Top, Kylie's Candy K.
Bottom, Barry M's Runway.


I never thought I would say this.. but I much prefer Barry M's liquid lipsticks. There we go I've said it, my holy grail Kylie lip kit has now made it's way to the back of my drawer. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, the packaging, the quality, but the price.. nah. I feel like I'm paying for a name more than anything. To find a liquid lipstick like Barry M's, that is the same long lasting, opaque quality, for over half the price, I have to stick with that option. 

Why spend more money on something when you can find an alternative cheaper option that's equally as good? 

Hooray for Barry M, bloody love you! xo

Soph x

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