Thursday, 18 August 2016

My TOP 3 summer Yankee Candles!

 Yankee Candles are my absolute favourites. I think my last post on the Yankee's I own, I had around 12, I now have 23 medium or large jars. Who needs that many candles? Not me, but apparently I like to buy them!

Summer scents especially (not forgetting the winter baking scents) are some of my absolute favourites. Foodie scents are my favourite, be it fruit, or baking, I just love sweet smells. I popped into Yankee Candle in Bristol- Cabot Circus, recently and was overwhelmed by all of the summer scents, there are so many, most of which I already own actually, oopsie! I picked up 3 new scents that I wanted to share with you, because they smell bloody INCREDIBLE. 


Oh jeeeeesus if the picture alone doesn't completely sell this candle to you the smell most definitely will. 

Official Description; Refresh your home with the cool scent of just picked strawberries and strips of lemon peel crisped in ice.

This basically smells like my childhood, the ice lolly I used to buy from the ice cream van. 


Quite possibly my favourite this season!

Official Description; Refreshing orange takes a sweet turn in this honey-dipped citrus delight.

This one smells like orange sweets! The picture is amazing and reminds me of being in the heat of summer.


Ive had this one for a long while now, It's one of my all time favourites that I don't think I'll ever stop buying! 

Official Description; A positively delectable union of sweet and tart … fresh orchard pears drizzled with decadent cranberry syrup.

This smells like nothing I've ever smelt before? Is that weird? I don't like pears at all but I don't smell pears with this one, the cranberry is much stronger which is lucky for me as it smells uhhhhhmazing. 

All candles pictures above offer from 25-40 hours of burn time, depending on how you look after them. I would recommend buying wick trimmers, as this helps make your candle last a lot longer, I learnt this a few months ago and wouldn't ever not use them now.

What are you favourite ever candles? I have to say I do love snowflake cookie too!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. All of these candles sound like they smell amazing! I love a good Yankee Candle and two of my favourites are Soft Blanket and Toasted Marshmallow! The Yankee store in Cabot is great isn't it :) xo

    Char |

    1. Soft blanket was the first one I ever bought! xxx

  2. I've never tried ay of these but strawberry lemon ice sounds amazing! x


  3. I love yankee candles but I think they're so expensive. It's nice to treat myself to one in winter though, the last one I got was Red Raspberry which smells gorgeous! Strawberry Lemon Ice is now on my wish list, sounds beaut x

    Gemma Louise

    1. yeah I agree they are very pricey! ooh I've never tried red raspberry, bet it smells amazing! xx

  4. Oooo these all sounds so nice! I've never tried any of them. Mango & Papaya was always my favourite YC for summer xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty


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