Friday, 14 October 2016

The Most BEAUTIFUL Lipsticks!

I can't actually believe I get to write this post as I never in a million years thought I would be able to say "I OWN 12 CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICKS OMFGGGG" 

If you follow my Instagram you would've already seen a little sneak peak of these bad boys, and oh boy are they incredible. My lovely, generous, bloody amazing boyfriend Matt bought me these as a 21st Birthday present, (its not actually my 21st until the 25th of Oct, but Matt said he was worried that they'd melted as he'd left them in a boiling hot room, they hadn't, luckily!)

Now I've gotten over the shock of being gifted these haha, I can now share their beauty with you guys, because lets be honest, you need to appreciate them for all their worth hehe. I will warn you this post is going to be very photo heavy as I just loved every picture I took of them, so if that's not your thing, skip well ahead! 

The lipsticks came beautifully packaged in a purple box, which was actually really hard to get into, or maybe I was just rushing haha, it was like trying to open an iPhone box, and we all know how difficult that is for the first time! The letter that came with (that isn't actually a letter, more of a receipt) reminded me of something you'd get on your invitation to Hogwarts, I pretended for a few seconds not gunna lie haha. Even before I opened the box it all felt very special. 

In the box you will find 12 individually packed lipsticks, most of which are matte, my fave, however 3 have a slight shine, but I couldn't tell much of a difference to be honest. You also get an acrylic stand to put them in, this I LOVED as it meant I put them on display right away & didn't have to go out to buy something to pop them in. 

Firstly, how beautiful is the packaging?! Im a sucker for anything gold or rose gold, so these are basically perfection to me haha. Secondly, the colours, I don't think Matt could've picked a better set for me, and even though I own another 15 lipsticks from different brands, I don't have anything like these. 

Individually, the lipsticks would set you back a hefty £23 each. However they are such brilliant quality, and I think the look of them speaks for itself. On the website under the description for Charlotte Tilbury's matte lipstick, she states that;

- They contain orchid extract which softens your lips, & products and hydrates them. 

- They contain 3D glowing pigments which give your lips the illusion they're fuller. 

- The lipsticks are square, meaning easier application as they're the same shape as a lipstick brush. 

- & They're also paraben free!

I absolutely love the detail that has gone into each and every one, they're in perfect condition and I love that theres a little imprint on the lipstick itself, they're so pretty and I cannot wait to put them on display in my new room! 

Again, a huge huge HUGE thank you to Matt, I'm so grateful for such an incredible and thoughtful gift, you clearly know me very very well! 

Have you ever tried any of Charlotte Tilbury Makeup line before?! I've heard only good things!

Lotsa Love, Sophxo

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  1. woah, these lipsticks are all so beautiful! this set looks incredible, you're so lucky! xx

    1. they're honestly the prettiest lipsticks I own! xx

  2. Oh my goodness, these are stunning! So many beautiful colours and really nicely presented too! :) x

    She Was a Day Tripper

    1. amazing aren't they!? i honestly couldn't believe it! xx

  3. The shades and packaging are so gorgeous!
    Jabeen x

  4. Ahh you are a very lucky lady! I'm been wanting to try these for ages, I may give in and get myself one, if only I could get all 12, I like every single shade! :) x

    1. oh my god i know!! couldn't believe it when i opened it.. definitely do because they are brilliant! xx

  5. Wow, such a lucky girl to receive these for you birthday! Amazing! All of the shades look gorgeous and I definitely agree that they look luxurious. Your photo's are also really pretty as well :) xo

    Char |

    1. insane isn't it! I literally couldn't believe it, thank you so much xxx

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  7. This set looks so beautiful! I just purchased Nude Kate last week and it's my new favourite!



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