Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to: Nail Foils

Oh hiiiii!

If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with doing my nails. I'm always thinking of new designs and for some reason I love doing them, even if it takes me a good while!
I'm definitely not a pro, but I thought id share a few tips with you.

You will need the following; 
- Adhesive 
- Nail Foil
- Nail Polish of choice
- Glitter nail polish, or loose glitter
- Top coat
- Nail prep (optional) 

I used two coloured nail polishes, Models Own scented nail polish in Blueberry Muffin, and BarryM's Foil Effects.

1) To begin with, I prepared my nails by applying my nail prep, this is optional, but nail prep clears your nails of any bacteria and dirt, meaning your nail polish will last longer.

2) I decided to use the foil on two nails, so, I painted all four nails on both hands with the silver BarryM nail paint, as when the foil is applied chances are you may have a few spots where the foil didn't stick to your nail, if there's a polish underneath is isn't as noticeable! Obviously make sure it matches the colour of the foil! 

3) Apply the adhesive to one of the nails, it should look cloudy when wet, and clear when dry.

4) When dry, press the foil into the nail, to help smooth it out you could use a cotton bud, it's important that the foil is as smooth as it can be, as this means there will be less "bald spots"

5) and boooom! There you have your first beautiful foiled nail. 

For my other nails, I used my Models Own polish, and topped this with a loose glitter which I got from Avon. I absolutely love how the foil turned out, in the sun it looks amazing! 

Also don't forget to use a top coat! Just make sure it isn't a fast drying one, as this can affect how the foil looks!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

BarryM Gelly Nail Paint

Oh hiiiii!
Ok, so if you didn't already know, i am absolutely obsessed with BarryM nail polish. Earlier today I purchased Greenberry, and Blue Grape.
 I absolutely love both, and I think they will look gorgeous in the spring/summer.
The fact that they are from the Gelly range is also a bonus as I find that they last a really long time on my nails, and they are very opaque!
I'd love to know if you have any colour recommendations!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chocolate Brownies & Mint Custard

Oh hiiii!

A bit of a different post from me tonight! As I write this I'm feeling completely stuffed from eating far too many brownies and custard:( but I thought it was far too good to not share with you all!

If you went to school in England, it's highly likely for your school dinner desert you had mint custard and chocolate concrete cake, as soon as I heard "chocolate concrete cake" I had memories flooding back of trying to eat it with a spoon, and it flying across the table! Haha. Other country's may have had this desert too though, let me know if you did! 

Because I loved it so much I decided to make it myself, it was a lot easier than I expected! 

You will need the following ingredients; 

300mls milk.
20grams corn flour.
2tbsp caster sugar. (Not pictured above as I had to do a special trip to get some!)
Peppermint extract.
Green food colouring (optional)

However, if you can't be bothered to make it yourself, you can just use a packet custard, and add hot water, peppermint, and food colouring. It's just as yummy! 

1) You will need to measure 300mls of milk into a jug 

2) In a small bowl mix together the caster sugar and the corn flour and several tablespoons of milk, as this will make a smooth paste, this will make it easier to mix in the next step

3) Put the milk into a pan and add the corn flour and sugar paste, stir well and gradually bring to the boil, you must stir all the time to prevent it burning! You'll know when it's done, as it should coat the back of the spoon.

4) Add the peppermint, add however much you want, different people have different preferences, and add the food colouring. Experiment with this, I think it looks better if it's a light green. 

5) Optional: leave to cool for half an hour, then pour on desired desert.

I decided to have chocolate brownies, I didn't make these, as it was quite late at night, (I had a craving!) so I bought these from Tesco.

It's exactly like the desert I had at school, my all time favourite!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nail Polish Collection

Hello lovelies:)

I can't actually justify why I have so many nail polishes.. I wish I could, but there is no way anyone could use this many regularly. I always find myself sticking to my favourites, although it's nice to have such a big selection, my friends and family are quite glad too as they like to use a lot of the colours regardless of the brand!

The top shelf are my favourites, and the bottom shelf are the non branded ones, and the ones I don't really use. 
I bought the shelfs from Ebay, I have looked to see if they are still on there but I can't seem to find them, if you're interested in getting them try putting in "black nail polish wall rack", I got mine over a year ago so you may not be able to find them anymore, sorry about that! 

It's taken me quite a while to collect as many as I have done, I've currently got around 122, and will more than likely be getting more as I can't seem to refuse a Boots or Superdrug splurge! 

The BarryM nail polishes are my ultimate favourites, the application is really good, with some only needing one coat! The Gelly ones are always my first choice as they dry so shiny, without a top coat needed, I highly recommend getting some as I can't stop using mine! (I think the quarter empty bottles give that away!)

I'd love to know what your favourite nail polish Brand is, and the colours you would recommend! 


Friday, 21 March 2014

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

It's that time I dread, cleaning my makeup brushes.

I really, really, don't like cleaning my makeup brushes, mainly because I have far too many, but today only 3 needed cleaning, thank god! These were;

1. Real Techniques - Foundation Brush
2. Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
3. Real Techniques - Stippling Brush

They were so dirty to begin with, as these three are the brushes I use most, I like to change up the foundation brushes I use, so I could easily use a different one every day! 

I don't really have a certain routine as such, I just use a shampoo and rub the brushes into my hand one at a time, I find if I rub the brush over my knuckles it creates more of a lather, so they become cleaner a lot faster! Which definitely gives me a lot more motivation to clean them more often. 

After they're lovely and clean, I place the brushes onto a towel and celotape them to it, then water is able to drain out of them, although there shouldn't be that much as I try to avoid getting water in the ferrel. 

And this is the end result, clean makeup brushes! :D I'd also like to add that you should definitely try using baby shampoo, it's an inexpensive alternative and works just as well as brush cleaner, if not better!

And yes, I have a towel with my name on it, I have no idea why or how, but I like it a lot! Haha.

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A Freezing Dog Walk

Today I decided to visit to my nan, and she asked if I wanted to take her dog, a gorgeous border terrier called Widget for a walk, or course I said yes as I love the place we go to!

We go to a place near Bristol Airport, it's amazing there the aeroplanes go right over you as the field is so close to the run way.

I had a lovely morning, although it was absolutely FREEZING! it was so so windy, I spent the majority of the walk wrapped up in an oversized cardi, I definitely wasn't dressed for the weather! 

I really love spending time with family, and I had a really lovely morning. It brought back a lot of memories as it's somewhere I used to go with my Nan and Dad when I was little. 

I loved it! 


Thursday, 20 March 2014

15 Facts About Me

1. I was born on the 25/10/95 at Baths Royal United Hospital

2. I can drive! I passed my test in August 2013, on the third attempt

3. I used to own two pet monkeys, I had three altogether, Mollie, Charlie, and Sophie, and they lived in a huge avery thing in my garden! 

4. I have a slight obsession with nail varnish, I currently own 122, just a few ay? 

5. I love driving long distance, because I get annoyed having to stop so many times if I drive locally

6. I LOVE disney, more so the old disney classics like Bambi, dumbo, the little mermaid, I have them all on video from when I was little, I need to get the DVDS!

7. Cornwall is my favourite place EVER, Looe to be more precise, I used to go there with my family when I was little, it brings back a lot of memories

8. Yankee candles are another obsession.. My favourite is snowflake cookie, I like the food smells the most

9. I'm a very fussy eater and rarely go to "posh" restaurants, a Frankie and Benny's spaghetti bolognaise will do me nicely! 

10. I really want to own my very own nursery when I'm older, I think a lot of forest school so my aim is to become qualified in forest school too! 

11. I love caravan holidays.. In the winter! I can't think of anything better than being all cosey in your caravan drinking hot chocolates :) 

12. My family is mostly made up of the gypsy community, my auntie is the "Queen Gypsy", and she brought out a best selling book about her life

13. I find it hard to put on weight, even though I do try hard it just doesn't seem to happen

14. My family is the most important thing

15. I'm the worst person to get hold of, ring me, and you'll probably hear back from me the week after

I hope you now know me a little better than before! I'd love to read a few facts about you! 


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nail Art.

Towards the end of school, the time when you need to decide the next step in your life, I decided to go to college to study childcare. However, this was my second option, I originally planned to study hair and beauty, however I thought to myself "how many girls in the country will be thinking of taking hair and beauty?" "How hard will it be to get a job at the end of it?" 
I assumed it would be quite hard to get a job due to the high number of people wanting to do the course, therefore childcare was the path I decided to take, after all, there will always be children to look after, won't there?

However I still enjoy doing my nails, my hair, and makeup, so much so I could spend hours creating pretty designs on my nails. It's something I really enjoy doing.

Just last week I decided to create a leopard print design, people always assume it takes hours to do, but once you've done it as many times as I have, I find it takes me just 15 minutes at the most!
I used;
Topshop - colour name unknown (base colour) 
BarryM - mushroom (brown spots) 
Professional Nail art - black 

Heavens Gate

Quite recently, I had decided I wanted to go on a lot more walks, myself and my boyfriend have always enjoyed walking my dog. So, we decided between us the different places we would like to visit, I suggested Heavens Gate, a place I used to visit with my nan for a day out.

It brought back quite a few memories from my childhood, playing on the swing with my dad, scared of slipping and rolling down the hill. You can see for miles, and you can even see the animals at Longleat safari park!

    My boyfriend took this photo of me on the swing, looking at the animals. It's now my new favourite place to visit and I highly recommend going there. I'm sure if you visit you will agree with me when I say the view is amazing!


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