Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I Love A Good Bath.

I suppose the one good thing about a stressful days work is having an excuse to come home and have a bath, again.

If you know me well, it's probably no surprise that I love anything pink, pretty, or from Lush, haha! Baths are my absolute favourite as I find it's just my time to finally relax and forget about the day I've had. 

I don't think I can have a bath without a bath bomb now, judge if you will, I would too, because as you can imagine that's a hefty lot of bath bombs Ive gotten through over the years, I honestly dread to thing how much Ive spent. Anyway, for this weeks post I thought I would combine my favourite bath products at the moment and create a kind of "my perfect bath" kinda post, because, well because I bloody love baths. 

The first thing ill do is apply a bit of bubble bath, if I'm not using one from Lush which is usually the case, this one would be the one of choice. It smells insane. I could quite literally eat it if it was allowed haha.. The brilliant thing about Treacle Moon products is you need the tiniest amount to create loads of bubbles, on top of that it doubles up as a shower gel, which again, of course, makes you smell amazing. 

Just look at those bubbles.. so many! 

A bath wouldn't be complete without a bath bomb would it now? Obviously, this little bad boy is from Lush, Im pretty sure it was only a part of the christmas range *sobs*, it's such a pretty one I wish i'd bought more, although I'm not a big fan of the scent, but this was quickly masked by the candle I had burning so all is well! 

The bath bomb in action, it looked amazing!

I do like to light the odd candle when Im in the bath, just because it masks the fact I'm in my own bathroom and I can pretend I'm in a luxury spa for 5 minutes, agree? haha, but in all seriousness this one smells just like sugary cookies & if the bubble bath wasn't good enough to eat, this definitely is. 

And finally, my all time favourite shower gel. I absolutely love the smell of this one, it smells like berries and sugar. Amazing. Just amazing. This can also double up as a bubble bath too, I often use it as both and as you can imagine, it results in the most gorgeous smelling bath, e.v.e.r. 

I can honestly think of nothing better than relaxing in a gorgeous smelling bath, pair that with catching up on my fave netflix show, and I'm good to go!


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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Life Lately | Through Instagram.

I won't lie, Instagram is a big obsession of mine, it's where I post the majority of things Ive been loving, new things Ive purchased, or where I keep you up to date with what's going on in my life. Not that it's ever very interesting.. 

My love for candles had died down a little bit recently as my love for Lush grew even larger haha.. however whilst browsing the Yankee Candle website I came across these 2 beauties. Now that Christmas is well and truly over, the Easter collection has came back into my life. These two smell INSANE, Jelly Bean has to be my favourite as it smells just like calpol, and I used to love calpol more than I should've.. 

Is this not the prettiest brush you ever did see?! This one featured in a previous post, (I Just Bloody LOVE Too Faced) and no word of a lie its the softest brush I own. It looks so pretty on my dressing table, although I haven't brought myself to properly use it yet, which is silly because that's the whole purpose of the product? oops!

Ah, another thing I haven't managed to use. But I think you'll agree with me that it would be incredibly soul destroying to ruin the pretty little butterfly on the lipstick?! The packaging for the Mac Mariah Carey collection was to DIE for, I was very lucky to get my hands on this, and I really don't see me using it any time soon!

Remember I said my love for Lush started to grow recently, here is the current Lush collection of mine. So over the top I don't even wanna think about how much it all costs put together. Lush is my absolute favourite company for bath products, especially bath bombs, Ive tried lots of others but nothing ever compares to Lush. 

Out with the old in with the new.. I love Christmas Yankee Candles but theres nothing like fresh and fruity scents is there? Mandarin Cranberry smells absolutely amazing, as does Riviera Escape, it reminds me of my holiday to Riviera Maya Mexico, I'm so looking forward to spring/summer this year, can you tell?

You know when you make an order, it takes ages to arrive, then when it does you're confused as to why you even have it? Yeah this order turned up recently and my initial reaction was "I don't remember ordering anything?" I opened up the box and sighed haha.. after receiving so much for christmas I really didn't need anymore bath bombs but apparently, I thought I did. I am quite glad I ordered these, as shoot for the stars was a favourite of mine!

& finally, I announced my pregnancy to my family! I had my first scan which was insane, but Christmas day I videod my dad reading a letter telling him he would be a granddad soon, I've popped it on youtube so you can watch it here, Dads Reaction. makes me cry every single time. Love my dad to bits.


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Sunday, 8 January 2017

8 Things No One Tells You About The First Trimester.

If you missed my previous post, hello to you, I'm pregnant. haha, there's that done as bluntly as possible!

As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I knew I would document everything on my blog. Mainly because it's for memories, but also because so many things have happened that I had no idea would happen, because no one talks about it. My pregnancy is already surprising me, a lot. 

1. The Doctors is shite. I turned up to mine, ready to tell them I was pregnant, thinking they would book me an appointment and generally, be quite involved. Nah, completely not what happens. I turned up, told them the news, and was told "ok great what you need to do is ring the hospital and tell them you're pregnant and how far gone in a few weeks time, if anything happens to your baby do let us know, because we often don't hear of these things" right. So basically you aren't involved at all then?

2. Pissing into a thin tube is really quite difficult.  This is something that I've recently discovered, because you have to do a wee sample every.bloody.time you visit a midwife. The pressure of making sure you get it in the tube before all your wee is in the toilet, tough job. haha. 

3. Taking a million tests is normal.  After doing the 6th pregnancy test I began to think I was a bit of a weirdo and taking this a bit too far. But it's normal to worry. Ive also been told you don't need to buy a fancy test that cost you £50 and tells you how far along you are and how many fingers toes eyes and legs it has (joke, obviously) but you really don't. The cheap £2 ones are just as reliable as the rest. 

4. Going for your scan convinced the lady will tell you theres nothing in there. Ah this worried me a lot. Heres loads of tests to tell you I'm pregnant but I'm sure I'm gunna embarrass myself by wasting this ladies time, lets just leave now. I was convinced that id get into the room, lie down, watch the screen and see nothing. This is also really normal too. I wasn't in denial, just scared because there had been no conformation up until this point that I was pregnant, and yknow, how embarrassing if I wasn't. 

5. You'll fall asleep at 8 and miss good TV. This varies, obviously. But I was always up until 11 every night, not tired in the slightest. Pop a little bean in my tummy and my good god I was dead to the world by 8. Gone are the days when I get to watch a good drama on tv. Your body is working harder than it would do if you were at the gym. Just by being led down. 

6. You change as a person, already. Your moods, your lifestyle, your energy, eating habits, all changed. I first noticed that I couldn't see straight when I got up too quickly, that's because my blood pressure is now at an all time low. Also affected by the baby. I don't go out as much as I don't have the energy, and I'm a moody bitch a lot of the time. oops.

7. You cry because a fox got stuck in a drain. Not even that sad really, but me hormones are all over the place so that little fox who was stuck for about 0.05 seconds has broken my heart. 

8. Start buying, Now! A bit of common sense this one, but so handy too. Start buying nappies, wipes, nappy sacks now. Babies can have up to 10 changes a day, so if you're buying in bulk as soon as it's born, well that's a lot of money noticeably gone for something you could've bought gradually months ago. 


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Saturday, 7 January 2017

a HUGE announcement

Christmas 2016 was brilliant for me this year, Matt too. 

A little strange for the family, as it was the first one without my beloved Granddad. Christmas was completely his thing, he would have had the biggest dinner, completely spoilt his dog, and watched all of the tacky films on TV. Throughout the whole day, all of us brought him into conversation with "Granddad would love this" or "Granddad would have that". It was tough to say the least, but we got through it happily because that's exactly what he would of wanted, in fact he would've hated so much attention on him so I expect us even chatting about him, would've made him shudder! 

This Christmas was especially special, as I had the very best present for my family. Id teased my dad, telling him it was the best present yet, I'm not sure he expected this though. 

I couldn't believe it myself, but the day after my Granddad passed away, Matt & me discovered we're going to be bringing our own little miracle into the world, I'm pregnant! We are so excited and so overwhelmed with emotions, but cannot wait to become parents. I told my dad by giving him a note on the back of a photo of him & Granddad. this is what it said;

My Dad & Granddad. 

This is the man that without realising taught you how to be a dad, 
and a brilliant one at that.
He was the kindest, most selfless, genuine bloke all of us, have ever met. 
You brought me up the way you did because of the brilliant role model you had,
because of Granddad you knew how to be the best dad possible & I'm sure you'll
agree that he was the best dad to you too. On the 12th of November Granddads time 
came and it was a massive shock to all of us, the worst possible day imaginable. 
What I think none of us expect is for something good to come of it. The day after
Granddads passing, Matt & me discovered that we are going to bring our very own little mini me 
into the world. You're going to be a Granddad!  If you're going to be anything like he was,

you'll be the absolute best. 

Lotsa love,

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Brights Have Returned, Finally!

One thing I absolutely love about the new year is the fact my bright lipsticks come back out to play. For a while now they've been at the back of my makeup storage waiting for brighter days & Christmas to swiftly part.

Now the dark vampy colours have been popped away, apart from 2 because I find them very difficult to wave goodbye to,  my bright colours have arrived to brighten up January. I don't know why but I can't bring myself to wear a bright orange or pinky colour in December, a dark burgundy seems to scream my name. 

MAC as a brand is one I always seem to go back to, aside from Charlotte Tilbury, because of the huge variety of colours. The quality is fab, although the price really is not, & I just find myself always reaching for MAC lipsticks. 
3 of my all time favourite shades for the new year are Morange, Relentlessly Red, & All Fired Up, all of which are a bit  very out there. 

First up, is All Fired Up. retro matte.
A bright fuchsia pink with red undertones, I actually much prefer this to my statement red shades. I find it so much more comfortable to wear as it isn't as in your face as a bright red, but still bright enough to make a statement if you get me? I will say if you're the kind of person who prefers the colour as bright as it possibly can be, make sure you apply a lipliner along with it as this just makes it even more opaque, and it also obviously lasts a bit longer! This shade doesn't bleed or smudge on me, probably because it's a retro matte finish. You'd assume it would be really drying, and it can be, just ensure you use lip-seal before using it. it really isn't as drying as Ruby Woo!

Relentlessly Red. retro matte.
Yep, it looks identical to All Fired Up. I thought so too, but it's actually so different. This shade is more of a pinky red, with coral undertones. In the tube it's actually a lot brighter than All Fired Up, it's a lot more neon, and this transfers onto your lips too as it's very, very opaque. If that's not your thing, this probably isn't the colour for you! Again, this one doesn't smudge or bleed, matte finishes are my absolute fave even though they may not be the most comfortable. 

Morange. amplified lipstick. 
Ahh, a trusty old favourite. When you think of a bright orange lipstick, it doesn't sound too appealing does it? You imagine it looking bloody awful. But it honestly really doesn't! Morange has quite a creamy finish, but not too creamy that the colour doesn't pay off, it's still very opaque. Obviously not being a matte finish, there is a bit of transfer but nothing too bad, considering I'm a matte girl through and through I absolutely love Morange. It reminds me of the summer time, being on holiday drinking cocktails! It's a colour i'll always repurchase.


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Monday, 2 January 2017

I Bloody LOVE Too Faced

 Too Faced is fast becoming one of my all time favourite makeup brands. For one, the packaging is beautiful, like, seriously beautiful, & the quality of the makeup is amazing. 

I didn't really ask for anything this Christmas, my dad asked what I wanted and I gave him the brand Too Faced as an option, I told him what I already had and let him do the rest. Pretty risky actually when you think about it.. he knows virtually nothing about makeup! Anyway, I think he did brilliant?! He chose to get me the Mr Right brush, and the Natural Matte eyeshadow palette. 

I had serious heart eyes over the Mr Right brush when I opened it, I love the baby blue colour, and it looks so so pretty on my dressing table.

How cute is the tiny bear on the handle? 
 Too Faced hit the nail on the head with the packaging for this brush, the blue box with gold detail is so beautiful and elegant. I also love the description they give on the box. I use the brush to apply face powder, and it does so with no effort at all. The brush is so, SO soft, Too Faced themselves actually state that they designed the brushes teddy bear hair to be soft, however firm enough to do a brilliant job- which is such a cute description. It really does feel as soft as teddy bear fur. 

I can't quite believe that my dad even chose the next product, for a man that supposedly knows nothing about makeup, he did a fab job. He chose the Natural Matte eyeshadow palette. Weirdly, I don't actually own any matte shades, I have a lot of glitters and shimmers, but none of the basic mattes, & oh me oh my are these colours beautiful. Definitely a must have for any makeup lovers.

How pretty are the colours?!
Again, the packaging is so oh beautiful- I had no doubt when I opened it that the colours would be beautiful too. The palette comes with a really handy booklet that gives you 3 step by step looks to wear using the colours from the palette, such a brilliant idea for anyone who isn't familiar with using eyeshadow. 

This is my new holy grail product, very rarely do I ever use every single colour in a palette, each one suits me perfectly and I find myself reaching for it every single day. I used the palette New Years eve, and the colours stayed on throughout the whole night- the staying power is insane! I would 100% recommend the Natural Eyes palette, I absolutely LOVE it! 

Im so thankful to my dad for kindly gifting me 2 of my new holy grail products, you did good dad, you did good!


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