Friday, 12 December 2014


Yes, it would turn out this post is due to nothing else but desperation! 

I need your help, my skin has gotten so bad recently that I'm in desperate need of a decent cleanser, I've tried a few in the past but this was years ago, with Christmas coming up I don't want to be spending a stupid amount, so do any of you guys have any recommendations? Anything that cleared your skin up pretty sharpish?

Thanks in advance,

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Home Interior.

My usual attempt to decorate my bedroom for Christmas is usually a massive failure, everything falls down, and I get very annoyed so I usually pack it away! However this year my room looks SO good I couldn't not share it with you!

Yes, I finally bought a tree for my room! It's only 3ft but my room isn't the biggest, I also bought the lights to go on it, they were £2 from Asda!! Insane I know! (Also, how amazing is my wrapping paper, I think I'm in love, also from Asda!) 

If you haven't noticed already, I have a slight obsession with fawns, the big fawn in this photo was brown wood originally, but i painted it white to match my dressing table, which I also painted myself! And how cute are my Christmas trees?! They come fully decorated and I think they make my dressing table look so christmassy, these and the fawn were from Casburys Garden Centre, the fawn was £12 and the trees just £2 each.

And finally what I would say is my favourite part of my room, the fairy lights. These usually go on our tree but they didn't match the colour theme this year, how cosy does this picture look? I'm currently led in bed with my tree on, these bad boys on, watching the grinch, and I honestly couldn't feel more Christmassy if I tried!!

How have you decorated for Christmas?! I'd love to see! 


Sunday, 7 December 2014

What Makes You Happy?

This isn't my usual blog post, I'm actually going to, for once, talk about my feelings.. Prepare yourselves! Haha.

Ok, so, the title is basically what I want to get out of this post.. What makes you happy? I genuinely would like to know..

So for the past few years my home life has been a bit, rocky? My mum and step dad have been together since for as long as I can remember, when I was 2 if we're being precise! I'm 19 now, and my step dad has decided that he doesn't want to be a family anymore, leave my mum basically. 

There's Mum, Him, Kelly (sister), and my brother, me and Kel live at home with mum and 'him', I'll call him. Long story short.. My mum and me are moving to a new house which we're renting, and my sister is moving with him, I think this is the worst possible situation, split right down the middle..

So, for the last few months I've been trying out different hobbies if you will, to kind of clear my head? I'm literally the most unimaginative person ever, I've been taking a lot more baths to relieve the stress of moving around Christmas time! Walks, talking about my thoughts, but this is literally all I can think of. 

Which is why I'm asking, what makes you happy, what do you do when you're stressed, worried or anxious? Ive been finding myself having what I'm sure is panic attacks, not often, but when it does happen I'm left worrying about it for weeks. Ive only ever had two, and they've not been at all near each other, but I don't know how to calm myself down about this either? I've never really been in this position so I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself haha!

I'm not looking for your sympathy at all, and im writing this as you guys seem to have a lot of valuable knowledge, more so than a lot of people I know would have! 

Bit of a strange post today, but thanks in advance! 


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