Friday, 24 February 2017

Juggling Blogging & A Full Time Job

Is it even possible to juggle blogging and a full time job? Ask me this a year ago and I would've said yes, however now I'm not so sure. 

Ive been struggling a little recently, by struggling I don't mean getting blog posts up, however It can get to the stage where I'm finding it impossible to get a post up for around 2 weeks. I mean, writing a post to a decent standard that I'm actually proud of, whilst working full time. 

I work Monday & Tuesday 9-6, and Wednesday Thursday Friday 8-5/5.30. I enjoy my job, but its a hard job. Im on my feet all day and by the time I get home I'm exhausted (even more so now I'm pregnant) the last thing I want to be doing is writing a blog post!

& you know, I love blogging too. So its so frustrating when Im constantly working in and out of work, knowing I can't get a post up that I really want to. Sigh. 

Oh and then theres the bloody seasons to go along side this too, theres nothing like finishing at 5, coming home eating tea getting changed etcetc- to sitting down to take blog photos.. with shitty sodding lighting. Recently, anyway. So that leaves the weekends, but weekends are also a break from work so.. oh I dunno, it's a vicious circle haha. 

How do you find juggling blogging with a job?! how do you do it, be it full time or part time, because personally I'm finding it a bit tricky at the moment. Maybe when summer comes around it'll all change, hopefully. 

Soph, xo


  1. heyy, I completely understand how you feel on this one. I work full time too, and I live on my own in the week while my fiancé works away and I struggle to maintain normal house cleaning dutys, look after pets and get great blogging content up too! I love blogging its a stress release for me but sometimes its so hard trying to fit everything in. I'm not pregnant so I cant begin to imagine how tired you feel with work and everything else!! Roll on the summer!! :) xx

    1. ah im so glad! Its so difficult isn't it, I find it really tricky to prioritise everything, and I'm the WORST at procrastinating.. so bad. Hours have gone by and then I realise I've been watching netflix for hours haha.. roll on summer definitely! xx

  2. I completely understand how you feel, but looking through your blog, the standard of the posts is incredibly high and I have really enjoyed reading! Chin up and don't worry! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. oh do you think?! i think its really poor haha.. i haven't been so pleased with my posts recently but thank you so much xo

  3. I struggle with the motivation to take blog photos on the weekend and write the blog posts on the weekday evenings, because I have a full time job as well so whenever I'm at home all I want to do is sit, chill and do nothing! I always find writing about stuff I love though much easier :) xo

    Char |


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