Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures.

I am completely Instagram obsessed, it's probably my most loved form of social media. 

i'm always taking photos, and I actually really enjoy the process of editing them, and uploading them. I feel like I'm creating a little memory book for myself, full of my favourite pictures :)

I've had a lot of questions recently regarding how I take my pictures, how I edit them, and what apps I use, so I thought it would be more helpful if I wrote an in-depth post, rather than trying to squeeze everything into a short comment on my photo haha! 


- The first thing I do is make sure the settings on my camera are right, I use my Iphone6s to take the picture you see on my Instagram, the camera on my phone is pretty good! So all I do is make sure I have the "square" option on, you know, like when you go to take a photo, instead of it being in the rectangular shape, it's already in the square shape for you. Amazing. Less work for me, thank you apple! haha. I like to make my Instagram very white, so I try to stick to white backgrounds, it's very difficult believe me!

- The next thing I do is head on over to VSCOcam, my favourite for adjusting the brightness, contrast, and to sharpen! I don't really touch anything else. 

- I will then take the photo over to Picfx, this is where I add the little light leaks (if i use them) but I mainly use this app for the little dots of light/sparkle, I turn it down a fraction so it isn't so in your face, and voila! I think it really finishes off a picture.

- Then finally before I upload it so Instagram, I will head on over to Squaready, this is where I add the white border to my photos.

- Finally, it's ready to be uploaded to Instagram, and honestly, that's all I do! I don't do filters, or any fancy editing, I just up the brightness, sharpen, maybe add fade depending on the picture, and add the light leaks. 

And here is the finished picture, fully edited. I love how bright my pictures are, especially through the winter months, it's kept everything super fresh :) Although it's been very difficult.. because in England the weather is just brill at the moment, with the sun disappearing super early, or just being non existent. haha.

I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey into how I edit my pictures!


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