Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lasting Finish | Kate Moss 01

Possibly a new found favourite of mine! 

My usual go to lipstick is normally Kate Moss 107, which is a very dark berry red, I absolutely love it and the shade really suits my skin tone, however I saw this in my local Tesco and I was swayed! It's quite a bit different to my 107, it's definitely a lot brighter! 

I'm pretty sure it was around the £5.00 mark, which I didn't mind paying for such a good quality lipstick, it's actually relatively cheap if you compare it to high end lipsticks, and I can't fault the quality at all.

I wore it last night when I went out drinking with friends, and I didn't need to reapply it once, amazing! 

It also smells quite nice which is a bonus, I can't explain what of as I'm rubbish, but it's quite sweet smelling. 

Which other shades would you reccomend from this collection? Whenever I go to look in my local Boots/Superdrug they always seems to be running low on pretty much everything! I love the quality and definitely need more in my life!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who Even is Sophie Jade?

Why helloooo!

I've been reading a lot of 'get to know me' posts recently, being quite a nosey person I like finding out new things about people and their lives, (is this a good thing? I'm not so sure!) 

So I thought I would treat your little selves to a post which shall hopefully enlighten you on how boring my life is! I'm really not joking.. I'm very boring hah, and 'treat' is a bit ambitious haha! 
But in all seriousness you guys don't actually know that much about me?! 

1) My full name is Sophie Jade Cullen

2) I absolutely hate being called Sophie, almost everyone calls me Soph, when I was little my nan and dad called me Sophie Jade which I didn't mind, so now it reminds me of the best days/memories! 

3) I went to your average secondary school, got average grades, then went on to an average college.. I could've done so much better with exams and things but, I didn't push myself which I regret a lot now!

4) I'm a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, I can care for children aged 0-19 and I absolutely love it, it's very rewarding!

5) I currently work in a forest school nursery, which involves playing in mud and spending most of our day outdoors, it's lovely. 

6) I have an older sister Kelly, and an Older brother Ian.

7) My best best best friend in the whooooole world is a lovely chap called Mac, we've been best friends since we were ickle dinky dots in playgroup.

8) I'm a very argumentative person, if I think I'm right it's highly unlikely I'll back down, oopsie!

9) I don't trust easily, ive lost count of the amount of times I've said "and this is why I only trust myself" I'll never learn! 

10) I'm incredibly loyal to those that mean a lot to me, and I'm very appreciative of all they do for me.

11) I used to own pet monkeys! And they lived in a huuuge cage in our garden, they were called Mollie and Charlie and were very cute :) 

12) I prefer eating cold meals to hot ones.. Like I would happily cook a meal, then let it go cold, then eat it, I'm weird, really weird!

13) Haribo is my addiction 

14) Strawberrys are my addiction

15) I am in love with my Kate Moss 107 lipstick!

16) I am petrified of anything that flies, that being bugs, toy helicopters, things being thrown through the air, I don't even know ahaha, I just hate it! 

17) The Missing on ITV finale was a very traumatic time in my life! Haha 

18) Talking of ITV, that means I live in England, Radstock to be precise! 

19) I eat too much Dominos

20) I'm a really fussy eater, I'll stick to the same thing, and it will always be as plain as possible. I'm very boring! 

So there you go, a little insite on my ever so boring life! Haha!

I'd love to know a little more about you, leave me a comment telling me a few facts about yourself, because yknow.. I'm a tad nosey! 

lots of love x

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Life In Pictures: Instagram!

Instagram: Soph_Cullen

I'm a bit of a stalker on Instagram so if I like all of your pictures I do apologise! Haha, I get a bit carried away! 

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