Friday, 30 June 2017

LIFE UPDATE | Nursery Sneak Peak & Getting Ready For Labour

Eeeek I'm now 2 weeks & 5 days away from my due date and I won't lie, the realisation of 'shit, I have to birth an actual human' has finally hit me.

I say finally, because Ive been so calm about the whole thing up until now. My mums been constantly asking me (aka; checking up on me) how I'm feeling about the whole thing, and has been really surprised when I just don't seem overly fussed. Ask me now though, and I could give you a list of all the things I'm overthinking or worrying about. 

Buuuut, im not going to tell her that. The moment she knows I'm even slightly nervous about it is the moment where i'll no doubt be smothered, and I'm the kind of person who doesn't want anyone close to me to know that I'm nervous about it, I give off this really confident vibe when actually I'm shitting myself haha. Makes no sense because here I am telling all of you via my blog how terrified I am at the fact I have to push a tiny human out of me, the pain, the bloody pain. Anyway, I've gradually begun getting for labour, so making sure I've got everything for my hospital bag, the babies hospital bag, etcetc. Who knew that at the grand age of 21 id be popping into Boots to buy nipple pads, and gigantic pads for my sore vagina?! Not me haha!! 

The bag was delivered today so I can actually get myself sorted ready for the off; like I've already said my due date is only just over 2 weeks away so essentially, baby could appear whenever he bloody well likes, you better believe I'm avoiding Tesco at all costs, imagine my waters breaking down the frozen food isle?!
We also found out last Friday that baby has finally turned, about time too because he was breech the whole way through. Now he's turned though, means he's getting himself into position to be born which again, tells me it could happen any day now. Golly. 

Aside from being overly worried about birthing this tiny human, everything is going smoothly, babies room is ready for the off, & we have hundreds of nappies so hopefully we won't be running out any time soon. Luckily I've bought a pack or two every month which has been so handy, good thinking Soph, I'm full to the brim of knowledge of how to actually care for a baby after that being my full time job for 5 years, so I think we'll do just fine. 

Until then, I have no doubt in my mind that I'll continue to worry about labour and becoming a mum, but hopefully (really, really hopeful here) I'll be a good one. 
We cannot wait to meet our little man. 


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Monday, 26 June 2017

The Eyeshadow Palette You DEFINITELY Need In Your Life!

Too Faced always has been, and highly likely always will be, known for their beautiful products. That being the packaging, and just the quality of the products in general. 
I thought I would dedicate an entire post to an eyeshadow palette that I've been loving for over a year now. The Too Faced Natural Matte palette. 

I first received this palette as a gift from my dad, very well done you Shawn, around a year ago; I with it. The packaging, the colours, the fact the eyeshadows were matte, just everything really. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love wearing glitters & shimmers, but theres nothing like having a good quality matte eyeshadow- because really, they're the most wearable aren't they? I find I wear matte shades on a more day to day basis, and an entire matte palette was something Id never owned before. A few months later my dog got hold of it, and I'm sure you can imagine the state it was in. However I loved it that much, that I went straight out to Debenhams and bought myself a replacement! 

Ive been wearing eyeshadow for years now, although I wouldn't class myself as being fab at applying it, I know the basics at least. What's brilliant about the Natural Matte palette, is it's the perfect 'beginners' product. It comes packaged with a really handy little guide as to what shades to put where, and how to create 3 different styles, amazing if you're a little unsure as to how to use them. Admittedly, I've never used this; purely because I just like experimenting and feel I don't really need it, but it's great for those who feel like they do. It sits just in front of the mirror. 

As I've already mentioned, every single shade is matte, making the colours super wearable, and so easy to blend as they aren't so 'in your face' colours. They're easily build-able for a more dramatic look, which usually happens to me often actually.. I think I just get a little carried away haha. They're not at all chalky, just pure buttery goodness! 

How lovely are the shade names?! Honey Butter has to be my favourite, followed closely by Chocolate Cookie.. *heart eyes*.

At £32.00 it's a little pricey, however you're paying for the quality, and the quality is amazing. The shades feel so soft, if that makes any sense?!, and are super long lasting. I don't think you can really go wrong with any product from Too Faced; they're fast becoming my favourite makeup brand, & I think it's pretty clear to see why. Beautiful products galore.

Have you tried any eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced before?

Soph, x

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

My Entire Lipstick Collection.

This morning I decided to take on the task of sorting through my lipsticks. I didn't think I had that many, I mean I have more than your average person at approx 35, but compared to a lot of people this will seem like nothing. I guess we all have something we 'collect' as such, and apparently lipsticks seem to be my thing! So in sorting them all out, I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you the ones I have. 

To pre-warn you, this post is going to be very photo heavy, I won't be going into detail on each shade as I'm sure you can imagine I would be here until next week! I'll be naming the shades from left to right in each photo if you're unsure; & I did begin to do swatches of each shade but my arms just aren't long enough haha. 
Enjoy x

Annoyingly, Ted Baker lipsticks don't seem to have names or numbers!? so unfortunately I can't give you the names of these, but they were purchased in a set from Boots. 

All Fired Up - Flat Out Fabulous - Relentlessly Red - Morange - Diva

 - Pink Plaid - Mehr - Cremecup - 

- Sakura - Pomelo Juice -

- Pink In The Afternoon - 

- 01 - 03 - 111 - 

- RioRio - 

- Blakes Pure Red - Naomi's Delicate Rose - 

- Carina's Love - Hot Emily - Tell Laura - Miranda May - Electric Poppy - Hel's Bells - 

- Bosworth's Beauty - Kim KW - Liv It Up - Super Cindy - Kidman's Kiss - Secret Salma - 

Soph xo

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mac Lipstick Newbies | Mehr & Pink Plaid

I know, super late to the party here, but in all fairness my MAC lipstick obsession has only recently returned in full force.. not that I really needed any more anyway!

If you know me well, you'll know I'm very much so a dark lip kind of person, I loveeee dark berry shades, like Diva for example, and bright reds. My new found love of nudes and pinks suddenly came about when I fell in love with Creme Cup from MAC a few years ago, ever since then Ive never looked back, and here I am, with a slightly larger collection than your average person. 

Whilst shopping in town yesterday for gifts for 2 of my close pals, I accidentally stumbled into MAC and purchased 2 new lipsticks.. for myself. This always happens when I plan not to spend money on myself, of course. 

Initially I umm'd and ahh'd over Velvet Teddy, this was what I actually went in searching for, but seeing it in the tube (I know, shouldn't judge a shade without putting it on) it seemed a little darker than i'd imagined. Right next to it I spotted Mehr, which had me sold completely as it's the perfect bluey pink shade. I try to go for pinks that are slightly darker as I find really pale pinks wash me out- so Mehr seemed like the perfect option, and being a Matte finish too I feel like it's now going to be my go to lipstick for everyday wear. 

Whilst walking to the till to pay was when I spotted Pink Plaid. Sigh. It's like it was calling my name haha. Like Mehr, it's described as being a blue toned pink, both shades are quite similar actually but I find Pink Plaid to be that little bit brighter. Im slightly worried that it might wash me out a little, I'm sure it will look fab on lighter skin tones, but I'm naturally quite tanned so I'm curious to see if it'll look silly.. ill be sure to report back with that one! Again, like Mehr, Pink Plaid is also a matte finish, I sense a slight pattern here..

Im constantly on the lookout for nudes/pink shades that would compliment a slightly tanned skin tone, so if you have any staples please do let me know as I'll no doubt pick them out, but at £16.50 per tube it could take me a little while maybe..

Soph x

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Strawberry Picking at Chosen Hill Farm

This post is my childhood in a nutshell and more. 
I remember being quite young when I first went strawberry picking with my Dad, Nan and Granddad. It was something we would do as a little family every year, at the same place, Chosen Hill Farm. A cute little family run farm just next to Chew Valley Lake, it hasn't changed since the first time I visited.

My friend Mac and me took it upon ourselves to pick our own Strawberries this afternoon, it was so lovely. Picking your own fruit is something of a rarity nowadays, pick your own farms are very few and far between now which is pretty sad, theres nothing like picking your own fruit to take home for tea. It was so nice seeing so many elderly individuals and couples out picking their own fruit, how sweet is the photo I took of the man we saw picking his? Honestly melts my heart. 

I think we did quite well considering I'm now 8 months pregnant, I mean we didn't do that much bending because at Chosen Hill they grow the majority of their strawberries on tables which is handy for me- I'm currently struggling to move let alone bend! Although if you do prefer the old-fashioned way, they do still have ground strawberries, which were actually in better condition surprisingly!

I had such a lovely afternoon, on the hottest day of the year so far. 

Soph, x

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All opinions are my own, this post is not sponsored.. I just love the place! 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Life Lately | A Breech Baby?!

If like me, you've heard of the word 'breech' before, but actually have no clue what it means; then just to clarify, it means baby is feet first. Essentially 'the wrong way round'. Not ideal. But we'll get to that in a bit..

Generally, life is going pretty well! Ive kind of been, I guess, making the most of not having a child?! Does that sound a bit harsh? haha.. Ive done more than I ever have done with my life these past few weeks, I spend most evenings with friends, out for food, day trips to Weston for cream tea's, I had a lovely weekend away in Cheddar Woods which was so lovely. I spent a lot of time relaxing whilst dipping my feet into the hottub because annoyingly, if you're pregnant you're not allowed in! Sigh. I had my baby shower, I moved house, all whilst planning and preparing myself for the new arrival. 

I had another check up at my local hospital Friday just gone, about 2 weeks ago I was called in for 'an emergency appointment' because I was measuring 5cm too small for how far gone I was. Turns out all was well, but they discovered baby was breech. Now I've heard this term before, and judging by the look on the ladies face it didn't seem like she was overly pleased, I mean, she was like "WUHAYYYY babies breech!". So yeah, baby is basically the wrong bloody way wrong. Just my luck. So I had another check up Friday just gone to see if he'd turned, nope, course he hasn't. He has 2 weeks left to shimmy around in there, if he doesn't, then it's full steam ahead to prepare for a caesarean. 

Didn't think that would be something I'd have to prepare for, or even want to prepare for. But in my head, that's whats going to be happening. Id rather prepare for the worst and be fully comfortable with it, rather than hoping he will turn and not feel as prepared mentally if he doesn't turn, does that make sense? I dunno. We shall see what happens. 

My dads Birthday gift!

I got really bored with my hair. Im so bad with chopping and changing it, that I randomly rang my hairdressers and said I wanted to go lighter and I got an appointment the same day. I absolutely love it! It adds so much more texture to my hair, I'm thinking of going lighter again, but at £90 a time, I might hold back for a little while.. 

Ive been trying to sort through all the baby shower gifts and just general bits this week, failing already. Baby has so many clothes, more than me, and he isn't even here yet?! 

I have SO MANY baby grows- at my baby shower, pictured in the photo of Han and Tom in the photo above, everyone decorated their own baby grow for baby Dera, so that's over 20 of the things already, not counting what everyone bought me. Definitely need to head into Bristol and buy even more storage.. a sure sign of things to come, I'm sure. 

Im going to try really hard to keep my blog a place where I actually pop regular updates on, although I'm not sure how easy this will be with a newborn! How scary, but I'm so so excited! 

Soph xo
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Monday, 12 June 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Kidman's Kiss Lipstick | Worth The Splurge?

If you have followed my blog for a while now, you will know I am absolutely in love with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. 

I've raved about how brilliant they are for a pretty long time now, but the price tag? Not so brilliant. Just one of these lipsticks would set you back £24.00. That's an awful lot of money for just one lipstick, when I could happily spend £5 on a decent drugstore lipstick that gives the same sort of effect. 

The shade I've been loving recently is called Kidman's Kiss, it's been my go to throughout May when I want a pop of colour on my lips that isn't too drastic or in your face. 

Kidman's Kiss, which is named after the gorgeous Nicole Kidman, is described as being a "rose petal pink matte lipstick", anything that's named rose petal pink instantly draws me in, I'm a sucker for pretty pink products! It's the most perfect shade of pink for my skin tone, I find it quite tricky wearing pale pinks as my skin tone kind of makes it seem as if I've just slapped a load of foundation on my lips.. not really the look I'm going for. However this shade being a touch darker than my usual pink lipsticks instantly stops that and complements it well. What's also pretty fab is that Charlotte Tilbury doesn't just show product photos on her website, but also has an array of images of girls with different skin tones, all wearing the same shade of lipstick. How handy is that? 

Just to look at, I am completely obsessed with the lipstick, the rose gold packaging, the pretty detailing on the stick itself, it's so effortlessly beautiful - you wouldn't believe how long it's taken me to ruin the 'perfection' of it. Even the shape of the lipstick makes it so much easier to apply than any other brand I own, with the sharp edges I find no need to use a lipliner, of course the option is still there, but I haven't found the need to. 

Is it really worth the splurge?!
Honestly, yes. The quality is like nothing else I've ever tried, being a matte lipstick you would assume that it would be drying, it's really, really not. Quite the opposite in fact, it applies so smoothly, doesn't drag at all, and is super creamy. If you can look past the price tag, and focus on the incredible quality, and beauty of it, I would 100% recommend the splurge. Or if anything else, it looks gorgeous on your dressing table!

Soph xo
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