Thursday, 20 October 2016

Should You Be Personal In Blog Posts?

Ive been doing life updates for a while now, and personal posts, because for me it's quite nice to look back on for memories. Whilst I say this, it reminds me of so many tweets I saw a few days ago that I wanted your opinion on. 

I'm not sure who wrote them, but they were saying that they weren't a fan of personal posts because they don't appeal to brands wanting to collaborate? I don't want to say something wrong or word it wrong but it was along the lines of, don't write about irrelevant things in sponsored posts or personal things in your posts about makeup as that's not what people are there to read it for. It really got my goat.. When I've worked with a brand in the past I like to add a few personal touches in the post as otherwise it all feels a bit robotic. When I've bought something that I want to talk about, I get that people probably clicked the post because they want to know about the product but with me if you don't want to know about little personal touches or whatever, I'm probably not the blog you want to be reading. I dunno, it just felt like another "this is how you should blog otherwise people won't be interested" statement which I didn't like, you do you i'll do me thanks pal. It wasn't even aimed at me personally but it still annoyed me haha.

Ive also seen people saying things like, don't talk about your personal life on your beauty blog, then see how many collaborations you get. I don't know about you but for me blogging isn't about seeing how many brands approach me, I do it because I like doing it. When did it become writing purely to receive benefits from brands, do you not just enjoy makeup or the product you're talking about? Because my blog is personal & (i think) gives a good reflection on who I actually am as a person, when I'm approached by a brand or company its because they like me for me as well as the fact they want to get their product out there? I think it's much more rewarding when you're approached by someone because they like the way you write, or because they like the way you get your point across. Is this even making sense? who knows, I just thought it was all a bit silly, and I wanted to know your opinion on it. 

Do you try to steer away more personal posts because it reflects badly on how you might look to brands/companies? Or do you just do you and not care what anyone else thinks? Just a thought. 

Lotsa love,

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  1. Your blog is gorgeous and those tattoos are super cute! Love it all :) x

  2. i totally agree with you! i seem to write personal stories etc in my makeup posts and stuff and thats just what i do. i don't really think about what people would want to read or not, i just write it! blogging isn't about seeing how many companies approach me either, i do it because i like blogging! xx

  3. I totally agree with everything you've said, I think it's very important to show off your personality in blog posts because then people are interested by you and stick around for longer! I think brands will work with you more if you're more personable - but that's just my personal opinion! :) xo

    Char |


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