Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My Recent Mac Splurge!

Left to right; Diva. Relentlessly Red. All Fired Up. Flat Out Fabulous.

I've no idea where this obsession has suddenly come from, but I now seem to be obsessed with buying Mac lipsticks? *sighs*. I love them, or should I say, unfortunately, I bloody love them. The price tag pretty painful, & each time I buy one a little piece of me dies inside haha.

Anyway, as Im sure you're aware I recently went on holiday to Mexico, the airport in Cancun by the way is pretty cool, the shops are really nice and they even have a Victorias Secret, I know right? But the shop that caught my attention was obviously Mac, I own 2 other Mac lipsticks; Morange & Creme Cup, so it's not like I was addicted to buying them already, it was mainly because I had a few Pesos left over to spend, and because it was holiday money it didn't really feel as painful handing it over haha, good logic. 

Diva is probably my most favourite out of the four, it's the perfect autumn/winter colour and I have no doubt that i'll be wearing it all the time. I don't know why it's taken me so long to buy it, Im pretty sure people have been obsessing over this shade for aaaages, I'm just very late to the party! Diva is a matte finish.

Flat Out Fabulous.
Flat Out Fabulous is the only shade that I'm actually a little unsure of, I like it, but Im not sure if i'll be able to pull it off. Now that I have a tan I think it'll suit me a lot better than if I didn't, but this was definitely a spur of the moment kind of thing, "oh, I like that, Ill get that then" have you tried this one? Flat Out Fabulous is a Retro Matte finish. 

All Fired Up
This one is showing up a lot brighter than it actually is which is weird! It's a slightly darker red, I think for autumn this is the perfect transition between brighter colours to darks, it's not too bright, but also not too dark, (believe me on this one, I know the picture suggests otherwise!) All Fired Up is a Retro Matte finish.

Relentlessly Red
How blummin beaut is this one though? It's showing up pretty much identical to All Fired Up but it really isn't! Relentlessly Red is a lot more orange toned, slightly brighter. Now I have a tan id imagine this will look amazing too, I don't know what it is but I always seem to gravitate towards reds, not that I need anymore though.. I really should stop haha.

What is your all time favourite Mac lipstick?

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  1. I can't stop wearing Stone or VIVA Glam V atmo - Fab post hun xx

  2. I've recently been splurging on liquid lipsticks and my bank account hasn't been appreciating it! All of these colour's are quite bright but really nice - I really like the look of Diva :) xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk


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