Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Most BEAUTIFUL Blushes | Too Faced

Before even writing anything, I feel this may already be my all time favourite post I've ever written. Yep. Purely because I am so excited to share the beauty that is; Too Faced Love Flush blushes. 

Firstly if you've never heard of, or even had a glimpse of these little beauties then where have you been?! The first time I saw the Too Faced Love Flush blushes was when I was casually scrolling through Instagram and I saw they were being launched over on the Too Faced insta page, that was when I knew I had to own one. *sighs, as my bank balance was not looking pretty at the time*

Even so, I popped the shade Justify My Love into my basket and just hoped that the £25.00 I'd just spent on a blush was worth it. 

Left- Baby Love. Right- Justify My Love

& oh golly was it ever worth it. 

Ive honestly never seen such a beautiful blush. So beautiful that it took me a whole 4 months to even use the thing! The packaging itself is just to die for, it reminds me of a Polly Pocket from my childhood, and the actual blush is imprinted with an adorable little bunny pattern that unfortunately does smudge away after a few uses, which is sad but along as you take enough pictures like I have, you can treasure it forever. I'm so sad. 

The blush claims to last 16 hours which I thought was pretty impressive, although I don't actually know anyone who has committed to wearing a full face of makeup for 16 hours, maybe I should try that one day haha.. However I have worn it for a full working day (9-5) and it lasted right up until 5oclock, so I don't one bit doubt its staying power.

The shade Baby Love.

The shade Justify My Love

Justify My Love is a cool toned pink, with a slight silver shimmer, this looked amazing when I was slightly paler. 

& Baby Love (my favourite out of the two) is a gorgeous rose colour, with a slight gold shimmer. Ive been wearing this one a lot recently as I find now I have a slight tan from Mexico, it complements my skin tone perfectly. 

I am completely head over heels in love with these 2 blushes, and Im constantly browsing the Debenhams website to see if any other shade takes my fancy, they do, but Im trying my hardest to wait until I use the two I already have. Its taking a lot of self control haha.

If you're interested in picking one up for yourself, and you're from the UK, I would really recommend buying from the Debenhams website, it just means you won't have to pay a silly amount to get it shipped over from America!

What do you think? Could you bring yourself to actually use them? 

Lotsa Love,

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*All items in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own, because lying isn't fab*


  1. i've never actually used a blush before (i'm crazy, i know haha) but these looks so pretty! i wouldn't be able to use them haha! lovely post:) xx

    1. what?! how?! haha! I was the same for years though, and when you eventually do its like a whole new unknown world haha. xx

  2. These are soooo pretty! Xx

  3. I was thinking they reminded me of Polly Pockets haha. I love the packaging and I adore the bunny design - I don't think I could bring myself to use it for a while, no.

    I really want to buy one but I'm unsure which of the two shades would look best as I'm pale but I have warm toned skin (freckles) argghh. x

    1. they really do! they're so sweet. baby love would look amazing no your skin tone! xx

  4. I absolutely love the look of these blushes, but I just don't think I can justify spending £25 on a blush!! I may ask for one for Christmas instead haha! Love your photo's xo

    Char |

    1. amazing aren't they, they are very expensive but so pretty hehe. thank you love thats so kind of you xo


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