Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Autumn|Winter Bedroom.

I absolutely love autumn/winter, so much so that I moan through the whole of summer, and when autumn starts to appear I change my room to suit the season literally straight away haha.
My bedroom is quite bright and pretty plain, so making it feel warm is actually quite difficult, especially as it's white! So I thought I would share with you the things you would typically find in my room throughout the autumn/winter months, to make it feel a little more cosy! :)
I've done this a lot earlier this year, because the UK has been pretty chilly recently! and I'm a really cold person haha.. Or maybe I'm just a little excited that it's almost winter..
Now it's getting colder in the evenings I've been opting for baths rather than showers, I can't seem to have a bath without a lush bath bomb, they're my absolute faveeeeee. I keep all of them in my bedroom, because they smell absolutely amazing - last year I had all of the Christmas ones, and my room smelt incredible, and so Christmassy!
Pictured, is Lush's Experimenter.
Yep.. there it is, the Christmassy looking bedding.. with woodland creatures and reindeers, honestly the aim wasn't for this post to be so Christmassy haha! Throughout summer I either had a butterfly duvet cover, or a bright pastel patch work cover, they're very pretty but for the cooler months I prefer something a bit more muted, and I don't know why, but when I think of the woodland cover I've got on now, I automatically think of autumn/winter, I have no idea why haha! I've also recently changed my thin duvet over to my thicker one, which is so strange getting used to again?! But I always sleep with the window open, even in winter, so this helps massively!
I've recently discovered an amazing luxury bedding company called Parachute., and I'm so glad I've found them because their bedding is literally incredible. When we get right into winter I'll be ordering a duvet from these guys, they're incredibly thick but also light weight, there's nothing worse than a thick duvet that's stupidly heavy. I'm used to really cheap bedding, so this would be a treat for me, at the end of the day you get what you pay for, and I imagine their bedding quality is brilliant.
The fluffy slippers are back! Oh how I've missed these..
I always find myself cuddling up to this cushion at night, it keeps me so warm haha, is that weird to say?! Probably..
There's nothing quite like fairy lights in autumn/winter. I have them on literally all the time, they help my room feel so much warmer. And they were only £4 from Primark, bargain!
Candles are an essential for making a bright room feel cosy. I always have at least one burning, this one in particular was Yankee Candles Cranberry Pear - it smells incredible! I've popped it in my fireplace, as it doesn't actually work, but putting a candle in there gives the illusion that it does, or so I think. Now whilst I was browsing the Parachute website, I stumbled across their candles, and found their Fireside Scented Candle - imagine how amazing this would smell?! I need it. Now. You can find it here.
And last but not least, I don't think there will ever be a time in the colder months where you won't find a hot chocolate in my room.. and a cake to go with!
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I change my room around to suit the colder months, it feels so much more cosy now, I'm glad to see the back of summer!

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This post was written by myself, and all opinions are my own.

Monday, 14 September 2015

A Big Drugstore, Yankee Candle & Primark Haul.

Myself and my boyfriend spent the weekend just gone in Cardiff, one of the best places to go for shopping - or so I think anyway, it's massive! I picked up a fair few things, so I thought I would share with you what I bought! I haven't included everything, because if I did, you would get incredibly bored.. I bought far too much!

Primark -  Bambi PJ Bottoms. These are so so soft, and really comfortable. I love the little quote on the leg - these are more of a thin pair of jogging bottoms than PJ's, there's also a matching top but I went with just the bottoms! I think these were around £7.

Primark - Fluffy Bed Socks. I wasn't going to buy these! Matt made me haha, and I'm so glad he did. I'm a sucker for anything Disney! These were £2.50
Primark - Hair Clips and Earrings. I don't think I ever go into Primark and not buy their hair clips, they're the best I've found for my stupidly thick long hair! I also picked up these earrings, the boyfriend chose these, they're rather pretty!:)
Hair Clips - £1.00, Earrings - £1.50
Primark - Scarf. Ive wanted a new scarf for aaaaages, I saw this one without even looking at the price at bought it straight away haha, It was only £4.00 though which is an absolute bargain!
Boots - Little Mix's Gold Magic Perfume. My new favourite perfume, it smells amazing! I wont try and explain what it smells like because I'm rubbish haha, but seriously it's incredibleeee! £19.95
Hollister - sneakily adding this one in haha, I've always used Hollister body sprays, this one is in the scent Lunada Bay. £11
Yankee Candle - Berry Trifle & Snowflake Cookie
Yankee Candles are my favourite, I've bought snowflake cookie 3 times now, however berry trifle is new for this year! I know it's not Christmas yet, but I'm so excited haha!

Boots - Sleek MakeUP Crème To Powder Blush in Gerbera -£5.99
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Blackberry - £2.50
Both of these I am yet to try, expect a post of me reviewing them when I have tried them!
Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation - £7.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation - £7.99 **these are 2 for 10 at the moment!!**

So there we have it, I also bought a few pairs of jeans which I haven't included, they're your basic black and blue and not too exciting haha.
Hope you enjoyed having a little nosey into what I bought, expect a few reviews coming up soon, I'm pretty excited to try everything out!
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All items in this post were bought by myself, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool

Thursday, 10 September 2015

JORD Wood Watches.

Oh. My.
I am absolutely in love with this watch, seriously, how beautiful is it?!
I will apologise now, this post is going to be very photo heavy.. I literally couldn't stop taking photos of this little beauty.
So thanks to the lovely people over at Jord Watches, I am now the proud owner of a Sydney Maple and Rose Gold watch, and how excited am I to share it with you?! Very! When I was first made aware of Jord Watches I was instantly intrigued by how different they look, they are made from 100% natural wood, something which I'm sure I've never seen before, its certainly eye catching isn't it? The wood that Jord uses is completely untreated, and sustainably sourced, and not only do they use maple wood, they also use bamboo, and ebony to name but a few. Very unique.
It didn't take me long to choose the watch I wanted, I had a good look through the wide variety they offer, and instantly fell in love with the Sydney in Maple and Rose Gold. I seem to have a big obsession with rose gold at the minute, so I knew instantly this was the one for me, and I definitely wasn't disappointed.
The Swarovski crystals set around the clock face itself add such a pretty, feminine touch to the watch, I mean, who doesn't love rose gold and sparkles?!
The watch didn't take long to arrive at all, I waited just over a week, although it felt longer as I was just so excited to receive it. I annoyingly missed delivery, how annoying is it when you literally miss it by seconds?! So off to the post office I went to pick it up. Opening up the package I didn't expect it to be in such beautiful packaging..
The watch itself was sitting on a little tweed cushion, inside a really pretty wooden box, I'm going to keep this - and maybe keep jewellery in it, it's too pretty to not get a use out of it! The packaging is always an important part for me, if the packaging feels cheap and tacky, I won't have high hopes for the product - is that bad of me? Probably.. but the packing for this watch looks and feels of such high quality, I'm very impressed.

But what it all comes down to is how it feels to wear it, it's incredibly lightweight, which is a bonus for me, as my wrists are tiny, and anything too heavy is super uncomfortable, this sits nicely, without sliding or moving around. This is due to the brilliant sizing system Jord has, you are able to measure your wrist on their website, you then send them your measurements, and they make the watch to fit. Brilliant! Extra links are also included, should you ever need them.
Psssstttt, can we just appreciate how pretty it looks with my black nails? Haha.. the little things!

 When wearing this watch, I've had so many lovely comments, and that's because of how delicate and truly beautiful it is, I cannot big it up enough.

And an even bigger bonus? Jord now offer FREE shipping worldwide, yep, that's right, completely free. So now you have no excuse not to get one! If you are anything like me, and have never worn a watch, this one will completely convert you. It felt strange to begin with, but wearing it so often I now feel undressed when I don't have it on.. Like when I go out without perfume on haha.

Make sure you have a good look through all of the watches, you will fall in love with them all! You can find them HERE.

To have a look at this particular watch, you can find it HERE.

Ps, make sure you are following Jord Watches on Instagram, their feed is literally flawless, and shows you a good variety of what they have to offer! - Jord Wood Watches.


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All items in this post were a gifted item, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Love|Hate Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Olivia from Olivia Redfern to complete the love hate tag, this has came around at a perfect time for me as I was planning on writing a more personal post but was unsure on what exactly.
Make sure you give her blog a good read, she's brilliant at what she does!
So the rules are; You need to write about 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, you then have to nominate other bloggers, I'm going to nominate my favourites, I think you're meant to do 10 but I wont be doing that many!
Dominos! oh my, I have a massive love for dominos. It's ridiculous. Although what I order is pretty boring, bbq base & cheese.
The build up to Christmas! I love the build up to Christmas, but the actual day not so much.
Buying presents for people! I can't think of anything better than buying someone something that you know they will love and really appreciate?! I keep buying my boyfriend random things that I know he'll like, just because I love seeing his face when he gets it, makes him quiet for more than 5 minutes hey ;)
The Walking Dead! The walking dead is my absolute favourite thing in the world. I was so gutted when I finished the most recent series.. I was pretty addicted!
Nights Away! I'm going to Cardiff for a night away this weekend, whilst that may not seem very exciting to some of you, I can't wait to do some shopping and just have a night away from home, for once!
Instagram! Obsessed. That is all.
Dogs | Puppies! So I've stupidly set my eyes upon a beauuuutiful puppy that I am now determined to buy, I love dogs, I've had one since I was about 7, but that's our family dog :)
Disney! again.. Disney obsessed. Always have been!
Sweets! I'm really not a big chocolate fan, but I loooooove sweets, especially Haribo!
The Boyfriend! *cringe*. Obviously any normal human being who has one would include them in this, but mines included especially because he's just incredible. I wish I could tell him how brilliant he actually is, but I can't put it into words, and he probably wouldn't believe me anyway!

The Sea! I couldn't think of anything worse than swimming in the sea, the thought of not knowing what's below me is terrifying and just no. a big no.
Water Slides! When I was little, I went on holiday with my dad to Tenerife, and we had little water slides in our hotel, I remember being sat at the top of one, which for a little girl was quite big..for a adult it was tiny! But I was petrified and my dad pushed me down to get me going thinking I would love it, I hated it and ever since, even to this day, I am terrified of going on a water slide. My family and me went to Splashdown, a waterpark, a few years ago, and I remember sitting on the side of the pool watching everyone else having fun whilst I was too scared to go on anything!
Car Journeys! I get really car sick, so car journeys aren't a great experience for me..

Dirty Hands! A weird one.. But I hate my hands being mucky, so the minute they get dirty, which in my job is often (I work with kids) immediately I feel the urge to wash them. 

Animals That Fly! Wasps, bees, insects, especially butterflies! Moths, birds, just no. I hate them all haha.

Onions! The one food I can't stand - even if they're cut up reaaaaally small I'd still be able to tell you if they're in something, they're vile! 

Walking Into Places First! Another weird one, I hate walking into places first, especially restaurants, I've always had a few problems with food anyway but the initial walking in and going to a table petrifies me. 

Fruit In Food! Why ruin a perfectly good cake with fruit?!

Cooked Fruit! Can't stand it. Raw fruit I like, but cooked apples for example?! No. The texture, the taste, just no. It tastes sour to me for some reason?! 

Mixing Foods! That being putting sweets in chocolate, putting chocolate on fruit, why?!? It just doesn't go in my brain haha. 

Hopefully I didn't come across too strange or picky haha, which I probably did.. 

So for this one, and you don't have to do it, (entirely up to you) I shall nominate;

Abiee Lucas -
 my favourite blogger, she's lovely, and a gooden at that! (ps, Abiee I am getting round to doing the award you tagged me in, it's just taking me a while haha!)

Rachel CoCo -
I'm envious of her blog. Basically you need to read every single one of her posts, she's loveeeely :)

Also, sorry if you've already done this post before, but by all means put your own spin on it or not do it at all.. I'm not phased haha!


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Monday, 7 September 2015

Barry M Matte Topcoat | Review

At the moment I am obsessed with matte nail varnish, I much prefer buying a matte top coat, as it means I can turn basically any nail varnish I own into a matte version, I have way too many nail vanishes as it is, so this has not only saved me space, but a lot of money too!
I'd been meaning to buy a black nail varnish for aaaaages now, I always end up forgetting as it's never a priority when I go shopping, however whilst looking through the nail varnish in Boots I saw Barry Ms Black and remembered I needed to buy it. I also saw this Matte Top Coat (also Barry M) sitting nicely next to it, I'd seen a fair few pictures last winter of matte black nails, and quite liked the look of it, so I bought this too, and thought id try it out for this winter.
Barry M nail varnishes are the ones I always go back to, I own 23 of them at the minute. This seems a little excessive but if you know me at all then you'll know that this is a tiny fraction of what I actually own. oopssss.
Barry M states their normal nail varnishes are; quick drying, have a hard wearing formula, and are suitable for all types of nails.
Barry M states their Matte Top Coat is; perfect for any nail colour, it makes any nail varnish an on trend statement, whilst offering brilliant protection.
I've said many a times In the past how much I love Barry M nail varnishes, so I'm not going to bore you too much with what I think about the black, other than it's really quick drying, and only takes 2 coats to become opaque. The Matte Top Coat however is a new one for me, and I definitely wasn't disappointed! It dries incredibly fast, I thought I would have to sit and wait for a good while until my nails were dry, however after 5 minutes they were completely dry. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, it's a brilliant matte top coat and completely knocks out the shine, and I have to say I think I much prefer this look to having a high shine nail varnish on at the minute! Which is rare for me as I'm always buying the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints!
You can pick up Barry M's Topcoat for £2.99 which is an absolute bargain for how good it is!
You can find it here. Barry M also have a deal on at the moment, where if you spend £6 on Barry M products you get a free gift! Which is always lovely :)
So with that, I'm going to leave you with a few photos!
Are you a fan of Barry M nail varnishes? If so, let me know which ones you would recommend in the comments! Not like I need anymore.. but I cant help myself haha!
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All items in this post were paid for by myself, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool

Friday, 4 September 2015

Red Lipstick Obsession.

After writing this I now realise I have an addiction to buying red lipsticks..
I went shopping with the boyfriend a few weeks ago, popped into Boots and picked up another 3 red lipsticks, to which he said "why are you buying 3? when they're all the same colour?" typical blokes response haha, they're clearly not the same colour! ;)
The ones I have are all Rimmel, all bar one, which is one I picked up from Topshop, on the same shopping trip, to which Matt again said "Why are you buying another one that's identical to the other 3.." haha, if he was a girl he would understand.
So the ones I have are; from left to right,
Rimmel lipsticks are my absolute favourites, they last ages, smell amazing, and in my opinion have the best shades of red, I have no idea where this red obsession has came from, but it's worked out quite well now autumn and winter are approaching - 30 especially will look amazing.
I think 107 was the first one I ever bought, I heard a lot about it, but didn't think I would actually wear it as it's pretty dark and I'd never worn something so in your face before haha. But it quickly became a favourite and I'm pretty sure last winter I wore it almost every chance I could, or so my pictures from around then tell me anyway!
        Top to Bottom
  • In Love With Ginger
  • 111
  • 107
  • 30
  • 10
  • RioRio
I am beyonddddd excited to be able to wear all of these again, especially 107 and 30!
Have you tried any of these before?!
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All items in this post were paid for by myself, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Another Drugstore Makeup Haul.

It would appear I can't go into boots without buying anything.. So I thought I would share the bits I picked up! As if I needed anymore makeup..
The question is, who doesn't love the Garnier Micellar water?! I'm pretty sure this is my 6th bottle, it's incredible at removing makeup, if you don't own a bottle you need to pick it up, it's amazing!
You can find it here.

I'm yet to try these! Well, I had the Black back in the day, and just never repurchased it, so I bought it again and thought id pair it with a matte topcoat, have any of you tried the topcoat? If so, is it any good or have I just wasted my money haha? I'll let you know how I get on with it if you're interested!
You can find them here. and here.

I'm pretty sure every blogger and their dog has raved about this eye shadow palette, and after finally trying it I can see why, it is so so pigmented, a little really goes a long way, it's literally incredible. I also use every colour, which is brill as I have a few palettes where I only use the odd colour, this one however, I really do love each shade! I used 3 of these colours for a night out, ad they stayed put throughout! Definitely worth the buy!
You can find it here.

This is another product that has been raved about - I rarely use a liquid liner, but I thought I would try it out to see if I liked the look of it, I can't say it would use it as an every day thing.. I think that's because I'm not used to how dramatic it looks, but for a night out it is brilliant, as is it's staying power. However I do find it incredibly difficult to remove, but pair it with a good makeup remover and you're good to go. :)
You can find it here.

Oops.. another lipstick, I bought one of these just over a week ago, and loved it so much I had to go back and buy another.. I don't need to express how much love I have for this, it's in the shade 30, and is part of the Kate Moss collection. Basically, if you haven't tried these lipsticks before, buy one right now! They feel amazing, smell amazing, and look amazing. They're my absolute favourite!
You can find it here.
Have you tried any of these products before? If so, how did you get on with them?
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All items in this post were paid for by myself, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool

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