Monday, 22 June 2015

Review | PhotoBox Phone Case

Hi guys! :)
I'd recently purchased a phone case from Photobox, which I loved so much I wanted to share it with you.
Before I forget, at the moment they have 60% off of photo books, which is amazing so make sure you take advantage of that! At the time of writing this you have 10 hours to get your orders in! They're such high quality so I recommend you do.
Anyway, I'd recently purchased an IPhone 6 hard back case. Id been looking for a high quality one for ages, but I didn't want to fork out a stupid amount of money. Id recently purchased one from Casetify, and I can honestly say I much prefer the one from Photobox. I chose the one which allowed me to have 32 photos, (I take a lot of photos!)
I based mine around my Instagram, so it's very bright and colourful which is what I wanted! You can choose between the matte one, or the shiny, I went for the matte version, I prefer how it feels haha, personally I don't think it feels as slippery :) Im pretty sure it was an extra £2 for the matte version but it's so worth it. You also get another case with it, a soft black one, which goes under the case you originally purchased, this protects your phone, which I thought was a brilliant idea, there is nothing worse than the feeling of putting a hard case on your phone and hearing that scratching noise, I hate it!
It feels such high quality, yet I paid only £18.00, this may seem pricey to some, however a while ago I paid around 40 for my Casetify one, and I much prefer my new Photobox one. It didn't take weeks to get here either, so I'm very impressed.
Thanks for the brill service Photobox!
(all opinions are my own, the product was also purchased by myself)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Malaga | Benalmadena

The last week I was lucky enough to visit the very beautiful Benalmadena, Spain.

I couldn't wait to get away, especially to such a pretty place.. I thought I would share a few pictures with you! I had such a good time, a well needed break! 


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tattoos, Yes or No?

This is something which I am genuinely interested in, after getting my 4th and 5th tattoo recently, I've been reading a lot of posts about different opinions on tattoos.
Mine being, whatever makes you happy right? If being covered in tattoos of choice makes you happy, cool. If having one tattoo makes you happy, cool. If having none at all makes you happy, cool. I like to think I'm not one to judge, (I try, at least!),
Personally, being covered in them isn't something I aim for, initially, does anyone really aim for that when we get our first one? I think tattoos are more of an addiction than anything, which is what makes us want more and more of them. I have 5;
- an infinity symbol with family combined into it, on my foot.
- "sisters by heart", on my lower shin.
- "smile the whole way through...", on my ribs.
- a tiny heart on my foot, ankle area.
- a small anchor on my foot, ankle area.
The reason for writing this post, is I'm genuinely interested In your opinions, do you like tattoos? do you have any? do you want any? is there a reason for the opinion you have? I've never really came across anyone who strongly dislikes them, and I'd be quite interested in learning as to why! :)
I work with children, luckily I work in a setting that promotes diversity, we never single anyone out for being 'different', and we have a strong belief that you shouldn't have to hide anything that makes you, you. for a job. The children love asking questions and learning about the tattoos, piercings, cultures, hairstyles, etc, of the staff in my work place. Is this a good thing? I think so.
A post that's a little different from me today, I'd love to hear your opinions,
do you have any tattoos?
Love of Love, Soph xo
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