Monday, 10 October 2016

Zoella Sweet Inspirations

Last weekend I made my way into Superdrug to see if I could find any of Zoella's new bath product range, Sweet Inspirations, inspired by the yummy scent of macarons. To my surprise everything was there, which is much different to the previous range; everything was gone every time I had a little look; maybe I timed this perfectly and the shelves had just been restocked!

Nevertheless, I wanted to pick up 3 things. Initially I wasn't entirely sure which 3 things I wanted, but I spotted the Bath Latte, Body Mist, and Fizz bar almost instantly because of the beautiful packaging, so these 3 things made their way home with me! 

How amazing is the packaging though, I almost didn't want to open the Fizz bar or the Bath Latte because they are so pretty; they looked amazing next to bath because of the gold and pastel colours. I managed to salvage the Fizz bar packaging, Im not sure how, but I can look at it with heart eyes for a little while longer, haha. 

The very first thing I tried was the Body Mist, which I picked up for £8.00. The bottle is actually glass which I didn't realise; it makes it feel so much more expensive than it is just because of that. On initial spray I couldn't really work out what it smelled like, I just knew I liked it, (sorry!). I put it on at  half 8 in the morning, and could still smell it at 3oclock the same day, I much preferred the scent as it wore off, it smelled a lot like vanilla, it actually reminded me of candy floss, very sweet but subtle. I was very impressed it lasted all day! People were actually coming up to me and asking me what I had on because it smelled so good, they too thought it was vanilla!

The next thing I tried was the Le Fizz bar, this was £5.00. I used a whole half of the product for my bath, because my bath is absolutely huge and really deep, so using a row of 3 just wouldn't have been enough. Im not sure if this means it was good value for money for me, it kinda depends how you look at it, I didn't mind too much as I loved the scent, it's the exact same as the other products. If you're someone who found the £5.00 price tag being a bit much, I think if you had a bath the same size as mine, you'd be a bit grumpy that you had to use basically half the bar in one go. But of course that is optional, you don't have to. But for me I didn't mind, as I think this was my favourite product out of the 3 I picked up. The fizz didn't last too long, it was quite quick, but again this didn't bother me as I was more focused on the amazing smell. I love this one!

The last thing I picked up was the Bath Latte; which I picked up for £6.00. This looks amazing sat next to my bath. I have a big obsession with collecting cute little jars, and old school milk bottles, so as soon as I saw this I had to pick it up just for the pretty packaging. I only used a dribble of it, horrible way of explaining it sorry haha, but yeah, literally just a tiny amount as I found a little goes a long way. Again, as my bath is so huge, the water pressure isn't great so with any product I find it tricky to make many bubbles, and like any other product I did have to help this one along it's way, and by that I mean swishing my hands around in the water a little. I didn't mind though, as it's something I normally do anyway, it's just a reflection of my poor water pressure haha. The smell again, is just amazing, I would really recommend using the Bath Latte and the Fizz bar together, as they just complement each other perfectly! 

Overall, I found myself seriously impressed and just in LOVE with all of the products I picked up, and I will be purchasing them all again, and again, and again. Hats off to you Zoe, what an amazing range you've created!

Have you tried any of Zoe's products, old or new?

Lotsa Love, 
Soph xo

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  1. I agree with the bath fizzers - thing is with bath bombs they are much bigger and make more of a difference in the bath! I really do like the scent of the new line, I wasn't that big of a tutti fruity range but this one is way up my street! Not sure if the bath latte would work in my bath either, my pressure isn't great either! xx

    1. exactly! so glad you agree, I was a little disappointed! I've recently moved house and the water pressure is so much better here, so i can finally have bubbles in my bath hehe! xx

  2. I love the scent of this range soo much, I think it's my fave out of them all! The packaging is also perfect and I love how inexpensive everything is xo

    Char |


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