Friday, 24 February 2017

Juggling Blogging & A Full Time Job

Is it even possible to juggle blogging and a full time job? Ask me this a year ago and I would've said yes, however now I'm not so sure. 

Ive been struggling a little recently, by struggling I don't mean getting blog posts up, however It can get to the stage where I'm finding it impossible to get a post up for around 2 weeks. I mean, writing a post to a decent standard that I'm actually proud of, whilst working full time. 

I work Monday & Tuesday 9-6, and Wednesday Thursday Friday 8-5/5.30. I enjoy my job, but its a hard job. Im on my feet all day and by the time I get home I'm exhausted (even more so now I'm pregnant) the last thing I want to be doing is writing a blog post!

& you know, I love blogging too. So its so frustrating when Im constantly working in and out of work, knowing I can't get a post up that I really want to. Sigh. 

Oh and then theres the bloody seasons to go along side this too, theres nothing like finishing at 5, coming home eating tea getting changed etcetc- to sitting down to take blog photos.. with shitty sodding lighting. Recently, anyway. So that leaves the weekends, but weekends are also a break from work so.. oh I dunno, it's a vicious circle haha. 

How do you find juggling blogging with a job?! how do you do it, be it full time or part time, because personally I'm finding it a bit tricky at the moment. Maybe when summer comes around it'll all change, hopefully. 

Soph, xo

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Actual Morning Routine.. 100% NOT Sugar Coated!

That means, not the one that I'd like people to think I have, with the bits I don't want people to see edited out, not the one that shows my fab skin care, yknow.. the real one. That most people have but are often too ashamed to admit to haha.

6.00am - First alarm, not getting up for another hour, but I like to know I've got another hour in bed, terrible logic but we'll go with it. 

7.00am - The second alarm goes off. Quickly turn it off to see that, oh surprise, no ones text me through the night and I have no notifications. Shouldn't really need to go on any form of social media then at such an early time.

7.10am - This is when I realise 10 minutes have passed and I've somehow fallen onto social media and I'm deep into my mums friends aunties dogs Instagram page. Should probably get up now or i'll look like shit today.

7.15am - Finally get up, later than I should've. Accepts the fact i'll look like shit today.

7.20am - Breakfast made, spend 15 minutes back in bed eating it because its warm in there right? whilst doing so, rechecking social media incase I've missed anything major in the last 5 minutes. I haven't. Obviously.

7.35am - Look at the time, think to myself *SHIT*. I will look like an actual toe today. Quickly do my hair and makeup, you guessed it, whilst still in bed. Any makeup on my face from last night still? Maybe, whats closest, makeup wipe or Micellar Water, makeup wipe it is. 

8.00am - Looks at makeup in actual daylight, realises it looks like utter shite, now accepting of the fact I really do look like a toe today.

8.05am - Where is my uniform? Im sure I left it here but it isn't here anymore?! MUM?! WHERE IS MY UNIFORM?! Oh it's right there where I left it, sorry mum. 

8.20am - Get drawn into GMB talking about Donald Trump and the Weather even though I have zero interest in the guy, and I'm definitely not taking ANY of this in. anything to not go to work ay.

8.30 - Well shit. Now I'm running late aren't I?! Quickly do my teeth, not for long enough but ill do them even better tonight for definite. Maybe I'll make it on time if I drive a certain way, nah actually I know a shortcut that will be much quicker. 

8.45 - Short cut? There is no such thing. Stuck in major traffic, should've left earlier. 

8.50 - FINALLY I've made it to work, only gone and forgotten my coat though haven't I, my drink, my bag, should've really gotten up at 7am. Maybe tomorrow then..

Ive been watching so many morning routines recently and my morning couldn't be any more different. Skin Care routine? what even is that.. Soph at 7 in the morning couldn't even comprehend haha! I hope Im not alone with how terrible I am in the mornings..

Soph, x

Monday, 20 February 2017

5 Things That Made Me Happy

I have been such a miserable mary recently. Thats not even an exaggeration either haha..

Christmas is over, January happened, February is happening and has felt like its been happening for bloody AGES now, over the past few months I seem to come home and moan about every.single.thing. Last week however, I had one of the best weeks after; so I thought I would document this absolute madness to remember in the future. haha. 

1) It was actually SUNNY last week. and WARM?! What even is the sun? I think we've forgotten all about it haven't we, what is that mysterious thing in the sky?! haha, it's surprising how a little bit of sunshine brightens everyones mood, especially mine.

2) The evenings are finally lighter! This is a big old thing for me, don't get me wrong I love the dark evenings in the run up to Christmas, but in Jan and Feb? Nah thanks.. it's just reminded me summer is FINALLY on it's way.. wait no further! 

3) It was half term. Which for me being a nursery practitioner, unfortunately means I don't actually have this off work, we open all year round, BUT it does mean half the children aren't actually in, aka; A QUIET BLOODY WEEK. What even is that anymore?! we have around 42 sometimes more little 3/4 year olds all in, in one day, so to have 20 odd means, god forbid, but we can get JOBS done. You know, like clean toys and actually breathe for a second. I love my job, but last week, that was fully needed and appreciated. 

4) I AM NOW TECHINALLY A FULLY FLEDGED ADULT!!! I repeat, an adult!! We (Matt and me) are signing a contract for our first home together this week, and I honestly could not be happier. Oh my lorddddd I am so excited beyond belief. yay!

5) Ive saved the best until last.. Im feeling my baby move! Ok I may not enjoy the feeling, it's like having a fish alive in your tummy flapping around haha, great explanation. But, it's so so exciting, the thing that I've created is moving inside of me. Mental. Absolutely mental.

Weeks like this make me realise that actually, my weekly moans are nothing compared to what some people have to endure, I really need to remember to be thankful for what I've got.

Soph, xo

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Most BEAUTIFUL Lipsticks In Existence.

That they are. 

I don't think I have ever set eyes on lipsticks as beautiful as these. Charlotte Tilbury is quite obviously, in my opinion, the QUEEN of lipsticks. 

When I received these as a gift, I posted a brief blogpost about them, however I didn't really go into detail about the colours- which was a big old mistake as so many people were asking me which one was which. Sorry about that.. laziness on my part haha! So here I am today to briefly go through each shade and what it's called. 

If you want to know more about Charlotte Tilbury as a brand, you can read all about that HERE.

*Apologies in advance for the very photo heavy post but honestly, do you blame me?!*

Ok so, from left to right
Back Row; Miranda May, Kim KW, Hot Emily, Carina's Love, Tell Laura, Super Cindy.

Front Row; Secret Salma, Electric Poppy, Liv It Up, Bosworth's Beauty, Kidman's Kiss, Hel's Bells.

If you're anything like me and you have a really good nose into photos, you'll probably notice the majority of these lipsticks bar one, have actually never been used. Yep. Never. Im still at the stage where I'm unable to ruin their true perfect beauty haha.. how sad. I have however used one quite regularly, just to test out if they're actually any good and oh me oh my it's bloody amazing. The one I've been using is Liv It Up, a pretty pale pink. It's the softest lipstick I think I've ever used! It's lasts all day, the colour pay off is incredible, and it doesn't even feel like you've got anything on. The perfect lipstick really. 

Maybe one day soon I'll actually use all of the others.. otherwise it's kinda a waste of money isn't it?! But I'm sure I'm not alone with not wanting to ruin their beauty.. or I hope anyway!

Love, Soph xo

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

3 Instagram Accounts You NEED To Follow.

Im a big 'ol fan of anything that promotes other bloggers, so this eve I thought id put together a little collection of 3 bloggers Instagram accounts that are absolutely putting mine to shame at the moment haha. 

Her photos of makeup literally make me want to leave my house and buy more haha! I really shouldn't I have enough..

A fellow Lush lover.. her photos are beaut, I'm sure we love all of the same things! That cupcake though..

Ive always loved Olivia's Instagram, her editing is fabuloussss! Im sure if I took a photo of my shoes it really would not look as good haha!


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Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Recent Lush Splurge..

Right so, admittedly I didn't really need to go to Lush today, however I really wasn't able to just walk on by the shop.. terribly difficult. So here we are, with yet another Lush haul, oopsie.

Today I went in with the mindset of "only buy what you need" which went out the window straight away. Today was I think the only day that I've ever managed to actually look at everything properly, mainly because the shop was so busy so the staff were busy talking to other people, which for once, was quite nice, sorry!

However because of that I seem to have spent £65 pound. On bath products mind.. is that normal, is that ok? I like to tell myself it is but I'm not so sure.. Anyway, this is what I picked up on my travels!

2 new shower gels/creams. I don't really notice a difference between the cream and the gel, probably because plum rain is so thick, prince charming isn't as. Both are new to my collection, Prince Charming was one I thought I would like straight away, as its made from grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice and marshmallow root. Now I've got it home, I'm not overly keen, it's nice don't get me wrong but, I dunno, I think it's because I like the comforter so much, I expected it to be a lot sweeter. Plum Rain though, oh myyyy as soon as I smelt it i was like "I know this from somewhere?!" and its because it smells like my nans greenhouse, kinda like tomatoes. I know, its made from plums, but it really smells like a greenhouse.. so many memories. 

I absolutely love Lush's face masks, Cup 'o Coffee  has always been a fave of mine, I used it once a few months ago and loved it, but never repurchased it because I guess I was just being lazy, or just wanted to spend my money on bath bombs. It smells just like coffee which weirdly I don't really like haha, but its a good one to wake you up in the morning and it does wonders for my skin. The little typo on the label is really bothering me though.. little things ay. 

Weirdly I never really seem to buy bath melts much either, which is odd because when I do use one I'm like "oooooh my skin feels amazing", because they're small I think I just overlook them. Ive never seen this one before actually, I don't know if it's new or anything but it smells insane. Like the lime starburst sweet. Which is strange because it's not made of lime at all, hence the name You've Been Mangoed.

Another old favourite, Avobath was one of the first bath bombs I ever bought, although the colour isn't that exciting, the lemon grass scent is stronger than ever. 

Completely heart eyed over this bad boy.. how bloody pretty is the unicorn horn?! Annoyingly though, I absolutely hate the smell. I really don't like anything lavender scented, so this makes me feel slightly sick haha.. BUT, I couldn't not buy it because, well, its too pretty not to!

Look at me branching out in the bubble bar world.. gone are the days where id only buy the comforter bubble bar! haha. This little ladybird is so cute, and actually one of the cheaper bubble bars at £3.95.

Buuuuut.. how can I not pick up a comforter bubble bar?! I mean, it's my all time favourite scent from Lush! It's not as strong as the shower creme which I prefer really, it can almost be too sickly if it's too strong. The biggest bonus is a get about 4 baths out of this bad boy! 

Apparently I wasn't charged for this one so it didn't have a sticker, the bloke was like "ooh everyone loves a freebee" yeah ok ill take that haha.. This one is called Over and Over, Ive never used this one before so I'm pretty excited to see the colours, although I've heard it's pretty similar to the one that was out at christmas, forgotten the name now though! 

I bought 3 of these because they smell so bloody amazing. I could eat it, if I actually could.. Fizzbanger smells like sweets to me, and is another one that I first bought years and years ago. 

& finally my favourite thing from the Valentines collection, Lover Lamp. Full of coco butter hearts this one leaves your skin feeling so soft, love the scent too, it smells like chocolate orange to me. The coco butter is my favourite thing about it though, pair it with a body conditioner and ohhh my you can only imagine! 

I have no doubt ill be back soon for more..


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