Sunday, 28 August 2016

kylie lip kit VS sleek matte me

For the longest time now, I've been searching high and low for a cheaper alternative to the Kylie Lip Kit. Don't get me wrong I do love the Kylie one, but it's so bloody expensive to get it over here. Painfully expensive, especially if you paid the customs charge like I did.

I'm pretty sure as soon as Kylie's matte liquid lipsticks came out, every other company came out with some too because they're so popular, meaning it took me no time at all to find a cheaper option. 

I'd heard a lot about Sleeks liquid lipsticks so this is the first one I've tried from any drug store brand, it was actually the first one I spotted in Boots as I love the packaging, I think the matte black looks quite expensive. 

So as a comparison, on the left is Kylie's Candy K, and the right is Sleeks Birthday Suit. They are pretty much identical to look at in the tube, aren't they? I genuinely can't see much of a difference. However there is a big difference in price. You can get the Kylie Lip Kit for $29.00, that not including shipping and customs, and you can get the Sleek lipstick for £4.99. I know, £4.99?! I couldn't quite believe it either, I expected it to be much more expensive. Now obviously you don't get a lip liner with the Sleek lipstick, but as we all know, lip liners from boots tend to be pretty cheap!

As for applicators, I much preferred Kylies. It's smaller, meaning you can be more precise with application. Where as Sleeks is a lot bigger, thinner, and it's a bit trickier to apply, well I say tricky, I guess you just have to be a bit more careful. A lot more product seems to come out on Sleeks applicator, but Id imagine this would be a personal preference if you liked this or not, I myself don't really mind, it just saves me having to go back for more, definitely lazy haha. 

The smell was also something I noticed, I could literally smell my Kylie Lip Kit all bloody day it's incredible, it smells like strawberry milkshake to me. Whereas Sleeks doesn't really have a smell, it's hard to explain, just a makeup smell if that makes any sense haha?!

As for the colour they are pretty much identical. I only noticed they were slightly different when I looked hard, I asked my mum what her opinion was and she had no idea they were different lipsticks, which says it all really!

Kylies is a lot thicker, meaning it's a little more opaque, but this is literally just a fraction more, nothing noticeable unless you're looking super hard. I don't know if I prefer the thickness of Kylies lipstick though, sometimes this can dry out my lips because of the thick layer, so it was quite nice wearing Sleeks which was a fraction thinner, it didn't feel as drying, Im guessing this was because of the thickness. Id say Sleeks was a tiny bit lighter in colour than Kylies, but again, just a fraction. They are pretty much identical. 

Overall, I genuinely think I prefer my new Sleek liquid lipstick. The price has swayed me, don't get me wrong I absolutely love my Kylie Lip Kit, but if I can buy a cheaper option, that's pretty much identical in colour, that lasts just as long, I'm gunna go for that option. 

I think I found a pretty good dupe! Do you know of any other brands that have similar shades?

Lotsa Love,

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  1. i've wanted to try a Kylie Lip Kit & Sleek's Matte lipstick. this Sleek one looks so much like Kylie's! lovely post:)

  2. This Sleek liquid lipsticks looks like such a great alternative! A great price too! Thanks for sharing xo

    Char |


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