Monday, 15 August 2016

15 Things That Make Me Anxious

1 - Making an important phone call

2 - Making any phone call.. unless its close family/friends!

3 - Booking appointments, aka Doctors or Dentist.

4 - Going to the actual appointment on my own, terrifying.

5 - Shopping on my own, what do you even do like who do you talk to whilst you wander?

6 - Walking into a shop or restaurant first, where do I go? What do I say?

7 - Meeting new people, so awkward.

8 - Completing training for work on my own.

9 - Driving in a busy city, lord knows what lane i've got to be in!

10 - Making a speech, or talking in front of a big group of people.

11 - Team bonding, please don't make me perform in front of everyone?!

12 - Turning up to a weekend away i've booked, did the money go through, have I actually booked it? Shit what if they didn't receive my payment?

13 - Driving to new places (although I'm much better at this now!)

14 - Watching people open present I've bought them, will they like it? What if they don't? Shit maybe I should explain EVERY SINGLE GIFT.

15 - Sitting in the waiting room at the Doctors, which room do I go in? Where is it? I can't ask if I get lost that's too awkward, on no its okay i'll plan ahead before to make sure I know where I'm going.

Im aware Ive probably made myself look like a right idiot but I hope I'm not alone when I say I'm such a worrier! Maybe ill look back at this in years to come and realise I was being such an idiot for over thinking the most simple things in life, but thats a big maybe!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Oh yes all phone calls basically make me anxious, haha! I also get really anxious whenever I go to the doctor's office as well...GAH.

    1. im SO glad im not the only one, makes me feel so much better haha xx

  2. literally all of these make me anxious too!xx

  3. Literally read through this and was like 'yepp, me too, same!' to every single one. Talking to people on the phone, going somewhere on my own and talking in front of crowds of whatever size are my main big issues and they always have been - it sucks because you talk yourself out of it and sometimes I just wish I could pull myself together and say 'what's the worst that can happen?' but unfortunately I wasn't made that way haha! Great post xo

    Char |

    1. ahhh im so glad im not the only one, I HATE talking to people on the phone unless I'm familiar with them! xxxx


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