Sunday, 21 August 2016

Life Update; Moving House & Embracing Christmas?!

As I write this the weather is horrific, its dark and dreary outside, I have a Christmas candle lit, channel 5's Christmas films on, I know right, already?! and my fairy lights are on. Don't judge me, but I am so excited for the winter months and Christmas in general that I'm embracing that time of year in August. How can I not?!

I wanted to kinda update you guys on what's happening in the world of Soph at the moment, what isn't happening really? So much has been going on, where to even begin;

Our house has sold! If you don't watch my Vlogs you wouldn't know this, our house was up for sale for 2 days and sold almost immediately, Ive kinda come to terms with it now, to begin with mum and me were not ok about it even being on the market, as it wasn't our choice. Long story. But now I've come to terms with the fact that eventually, i'll have to move house. The plan originally was for Mother to move into her boyfriends flat, this would mean she could save more money to eventually buy somewhere with him. It being a 1 bedroom flat though, there was no room for little old me, or the dog, so we were going to live with my Nan & Gramp, which I was so excited about, bloody love um! It meant for the first time every mum and me wouldn't be living together, but I was actually ok with that. 

Plans changed though when mum decided she really liked this house she'd seen, but it's a mighty £900 a month, if you live in London or somewhere like that you'll think £900 is cheap but where we live, this is fucking expensive. Without really thinking too much about the price or how we could budget etcetc, she applied for it and I think we've got it. it hasn't been officially confirmed, but they've asked for further details, and it says let agreed on the website, so who knows. The estate agent said if all goes through reference wise, then they could look to moving us in asap. 

That said though, Im going on holiday in 22 days. They want to either move us in when I'm on holiday, great one, or the day I'm back, even fucking better mind. Apparently you can't pick and choose when you move in, so thats fabulous! If I return from Mexico to find my mum has already moved into the house with her boyfriend I shall not be best impressed haha, that may sound really selfish but this is a big thing for us both. 

Do you know what this means though? I lose my bedroom that I've worked so hard on to make my own :( which makes me super sad, and Im also going to lose my little fire place! It's going to be so weird moving out, this is my childhood home & I don't think I'm quite ready to let go yet. 
  On the upside though, this does mean I'll be posting moving Vlogs, you may not even care haha, but at least i'll have that to look back on in years to come! :)

Apologies if personal posts are of no interest to you, I just see this as a diary for me, & it's actually quite handy to get how I'm feeling out of my system haha, even if no one else cares about what I'm writing!

I hope you're all well, and that you've had a lovely weekend <3

Ps!! let me know your favourite blog to read at the moment, id love to follow and get to know a few new faces!

Lotsa Love, 

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  1. I already can't wait for Christmas too, it's crazy, but I don't care x]

    Lotte |

  2. i'm so excited for winter and christmas! i've been watching your vlogs and i love them:) x

  3. Oh yes, I'm a HUGE christmas fan! My coworkers know not to say it around me lest they want to hear me sigh and talk about how much I love it xDD

  4. I can't wait for it to get a little colder! Oh, that must be annoying, hopefully when you come back from Mexico they haven't already moved!
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Very great post ! Also excited for christmas haha ! Have a nice week-end ! ♥

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  6. I love love Christmas, I spent last sunday binge watching Xmas films too! I'm sure your move will go well and work out for the best :) xx

    Tamz |


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