Thursday, 18 August 2016

MAC Creme Cup

How pretty right?

These lipstick posts seem to have become a regular thing with me now haven't they?! Completely unintentional though! I have been obsessed with buying new lipsticks recently, I think MAC now has to be my absolute favourite brand. 

This particular lipstick is in the shade Creme Cup, and it's a Cremesheen. I would say it's a light blue pink shade, and definitely one that's build-able, as with first application it can be quite subtle. As much as I love it, I'm still trying to get used to wearing such a pale pink shade, as I said in a pervious post, I usually stick to wearing dark vampy colours because of my skin tone. However, I'm definitely warming to it, & I would imagine Creme Cup would look incredible on someone with a pale skin tone. 

I don't know if I'm alone here but I actually find Cremesheen finishes really difficult to apply? I think that's because of how soft and easy they are to smudge, although this doesn't actually affect staying power when it's worn. 

Im now on a search for a new nude lipstick from MAC, with so many to choose from though I'm struggling to choose, if you've ever tried any, or have a favourite, do let me know because Im eager to try! 

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Love the look of this shade - such a beautiful pale pink nude :) xo

    Char |

  2. this shade looks so beautiful! i agree with you, i find that Cremesheen lipsticks a little bit more difficult to apply than others! x

    1. so glad im not alone i thought i was being an idiot haha! xxx

  3. I have to agree cremesheens are actually quite difficult to apply, the little nib on the top doesn't stay as pointed as my other lipsticks which is a bit annoying! Though there is nothing better than looking at a new mac lipstick, how stunning! xx

  4. Such a pretty shade! Definitely one I need to add to my collection :) I love the shade 'style surge' by mac also perfect summer colour~

    Lotte |

    1. I've just looked at style surge and i love it, definitely next on my list!xxx

  5. What a lovely shade! So girly and pretty. You can never go wrong with a Mac lippy x

    Lauren |

  6. Such a pretty color! I love Mac lipsticks ^^ <3 x

  7. This is definitely a 'me' shade! It's gorgeous and you can't go wrong with a shade like that. x



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