Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Christmassy Bedroom!

I cannot explain how excited I am that Ive transformed my bedroom into the christmassy goodness it now is. Ive had the shittest week ever, my granddad, my bestest friend and kindest man in the whole world passed away 4 days ago, and to take my mind off it for even a second I decided to put my little tree up and transform my room. 

How cute does it look?! 

I started by popping my christmas bedding on, it's got tiny little trees houses and people skiing on it, I bought this last year from Asda, Asda literally do the BEST bedding so make sure you check it out! 

My mind is basically mush still after what happened to Granddad so I'm struggling to write and get my words out haha, so I will leave this here. Everything you see in the above pictures (apart from the yankee candle) is from Asda. Make sure you have a mooch around and check out their christmas bits, Ive bought the best things there!

Lotsa Love,


  1. Looks awesome! Totally made me want to decorate for Christmas now :)

    Lotte |

    1. so early this year but I love it haha x

  2. I love how festive you room looks! It's inspired me to go and jazz up mine a bit now! x


  3. i'm so sorry to hear about your grandad, Sophie! your room looks so festive and lovely, i need to start decorating x

  4. I saw this picture on instagram and absolutely loved it!! Your room is gorgeous x

    Abi | abistreetx

  5. Sorry to hear about your Grandad, sending a virtual hug! I'm loving your Christmas themed room, it's beautiful xo

    Char |


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