Monday, 21 November 2016

My 3 Favourite Berry Lipsticks

Winter is my absolute, all time favourite season purely because It's a good excuse to get my dark berry lipsticks back out!

Weirdly, I've never really liked paler lip shades on me. Especially pinks, I just find they really don't suit me, I mainly try to stick to brights in summer, such as Mac Morange, that ones a beauty! But as soon as Autumn kicks in, out comes Mac Diva, Rimmels 107, and shades similar, literally anything dark and vampy, you can't go wrong. 

For this post I've chosen 3 of my favourite berry lipsticks that I've been wearing non stop throughout the colder months, I've chosen a pricey brand, a more affordable brand, and a cheaper alternative. 

The first one on the list is my absolute fave; Charlotte Tilbury's Hel's Bells. I really don't need to go into detail about how much I adore my CT lipsticks, the quality is amazing and the packaging, oh me oh my need I say more. Hel's Bells is a deep berry shade, and is a matte revolution lipstick. I much prefer a matte finish! This one in particular costs £23.00, definitely on the pricey side, however I think if you're going to splurge on one high end lipstick, this is the one to get. Especially for this time of year! What I love most about Charlotte Tilbury is the fact on the website you can see the lipstick on your skin tone, this is such a fab idea as the amount of times I've bought a lipstick thinking it'll look amazing on when it really didn't, is ridiculous haha! 

Next up is Mac's Diva, an old favourite of mine. Ive bought this shade time and time again, I don't think you can really go wrong with a Mac lipstick. It's slightly more reddy than the CT one, but only slightly. Diva is a matte finish (of course) and comes in at £15.50, again, bloody expensive in my opinion! Clueless as to why lipsticks are becoming so expensive but heyho. if I'm completely honest, I've recently found myself stepping away from Mac, just because I've found drug store alternatives that do the exact same thing, or are often even better, for half the price. Don't get me wrong, theres something really special about buying a new Mac lipstick, and I especially love the matte finish ones, but for me my love for the brand as a whole is slowly fading! 

Ahh, my trusty old Rimmel! Rimmel as a brand in general, was the first brand of makeup I ever tired, and I've been buying little bits from them ever since. Their lipsticks are amazing quality for the price, this one is in the shade 30, anyone else a little disappointed they're numbered not named?! and costs £5.49 (from superdrug). They are so much more affordable than CT or Mac. The only down side of this shade is the fact it is a gloss finish, & you know how much I love my mattes! It's definitely my least favourite of the 3, but I can't doubt it's quality for the price. 

What are your go to lipstick shades for winter?!

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  1. These are all so pretty! I love berry hues this time of year!

    xo, Liz

  2. These shades are absolutely gorgeous! Berry Tones are perfect for the winter. I'm dying to get my hands on a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick - the packaging is absolutely gorgeous x

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. all of these shades look perfect for this time of the year! i loveeee the look of the Charlotte Tilbury one!xx

  4. Hells Bells is so gorgeous, these are all so perfect for this time of year!

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

  5. These are all so beautiful! I am a deep berry/wine lippie fiend! Probably my most favorite deep red lipstick is Black Cherry by Revlon (super affordable). I pair it with a red lip liner and it makes the loveliest wine shade perfect for the holidays! But I LOVE these ones you shared!

  6. That CT shade looks to die for! I wish I had more confidence to wear this sort of shade, I think they're beautiful!

  7. All of these shades look great - especially the CT one!xo

    Char |

  8. Love this post. I have always wanted to try Diva but I'm useless with dark shades! I have Rimmel 30 and I put it on and then always rub it off straight away, just think I am so used to nudes! Totally know what you mean about the Rimmel numbers and not names, I really wish they would name them - so much easier to remember.

    Laura x

  9. i love shades like this, they all look beautiful!

    danielle | avec danielle

  10. They're all such nice shades, you can't go wrong with a berry lip in my opinion. I love Rimmel lippies too and they're such great quality for the price.

  11. These are lovely shades! love this post.
    Amy xx


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