Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Truth Behind My Tropical Holiday Photos.

Back in September which honestly feels like yesterday, how is this year going so quickly Im hating it?! My boyfriend and me went on a 2 week holiday to Mexico and it was the most incredible experience. 

I briefly shared a few pictures when I got back but didn't really go into detail, if I'm truly honest I'm suddenly feeling really sad I'm not there anymore so this post might either make me feel a bit better, or even worse. We'll see haha! I wanted to go into the story behind each one, as by looks they give off a certain impression, however when I actually go into each one, it's quite the opposite. 

We visited what I can only describe as a tropical jungle full of activities such as swimming with dolphins, stingrays, and you could also go on a speed boat (I didn't, I would've cried) that dips into the water when it turns corners, nope. deffo not a fan of that but I'm sure it would've been good for Matt to try haha. Look how pretty the parrots are? Look how close I got. I didn't, I was stood so far back with a killer zoom, this photo tells you I was super brave and right next to a beautiful animal, when really I was too scared, and just zoomed. 

 This was the day id realised id severely burnt my back. To the point it had blistered, it looked like I had tiny raindrops all over my back. Vom. This is also a fab example of Matt being a fab boyfriend as he kept taking random pictures of me, handy for the blog! Our hotel was bloody huge, this was the walk down to the pool. This picture looks like I'm having a fabulous time casually walking to the pool, when really I was in absolute AGONY, I couldn't wear a top because the straps hurt me too much, but for a photo opportunity? Nah ill take the pain and put a top on. 

Oh yes, look at me, being all tropical dipping my feet into the sea. We'd been in the sea a lot at the beginning of the first week, it was like being a hot bath. But that was until we realised that there were fish that nibble at your feet surrounding us. we never went back in unless on the lilo, yup, judge me, i was judging myself. Such an idiot! This photo looks like I'm having a fabulous time paddling in the sea, nah. I was looking for the fish that Id discovered live by the shore and attack your feet. Didn't go in the sea again.

 The hotel was full, and I mean full, to the brim with animals. The friends we made said they'd seen monkeys which was pretty cool, we didn't unfortunately. What we did see was humungous lizards. They were pretty terrifying if you got too close, lots of sharp jolts happened here. This is an amazing photo isn't it? What you don't see is me behind Matt who took the photo, telling him when it was safe to take the picture because these things are bloody vicious. "Wait.. ok.. slowly, slowly.. get a bit closer, OK QUICK GO!!" it was then, this beast went out for the attack and I shat myself. 

 Another prime example of 'act natural' photos. Matt doesn't quite get it though haha, you can see it's raining out in the distance behind him, we managed to get back before it absolutely pissed down. We saw so many little turtle nests walking down this way. You can quite clearly see Matt is saying something here, if you weren't there, you wouldn't think anything of it. However, he was actually telling me that we were about to walk right into a tropical storm and the rain was coming down hard in the distance, we basically ran back to the hotel.

Imagine yourself in a boiling hot jungle riddled with mosquitos, you have to walk miles to get to either side of the jungle. It pisses down. The worst storm you've ever seen in your life, and you have no other option than to run through it because theres no shelter. This was just before that happened. We're pulling faces here because we were full of energy as we'd just arrived, this is the before, prepare for the after picture. Just after this was taken, Id realised we were in a tropical jungle and id forgotten my mosquito spray. Fab.

I wish I could remember what these were called, but they were the cutest little things. This was taken in the outdoor snack bar, they would literally surround your table, jump up and steal your food. Im talking hundreds of them. While this may look like a cute picture of a sweet little animal, these things were little shits and as Matt took this picture, I was being attacked by this little dudes family. They jumped onto my chair, and stole my chips. I kid you not. one had hold of my plate with its paws, I had hold of the plate too, literal tug of war. I gave up after their pals joined in and the whole snack bar was staring at me. 

Here I am in the sea, before we knew about the sodding fish, with a massive bloody pelican. The whole time I was like, oh, why am I casually swimming with a pelican? This is weird.. it was then I realised it was catching fish, and at that moment I looked down to see SO MANY FISH AROUND MY FEET! I was horrified, I hate the sea at the best of times let along sharing it with huge fish. So while I may look like I'm admiring this amazing animal, in actual fact I was saying "shit, how the hell am I gunna get past it I am TERRIFIED" 

This beautiful photo was taken just after the storm stopped. At this point I was ready to leave, my clothes were see-through, I was freezing, soaked and miserable. To get back to the entrance there were 2 ways, through the bird enclosure - bearable. Or though the butterfly enclosure - my worst nightmare. Id said to Matt "you know I have a phobia of butterflies, please make sure we don't go through". He obviously didn't listen and we 'accidentally' walked through the butterfly house. I am petrified of them, once id realised, id turned around, and saw a butterfly the size of a fucking bird heading right for me, I cried my eyes out like the little girl I am. It was at this very moment Matt insisted we had our photo taken, this was the end result. Looking back now I absolutely wet myself at this picture, but at the time I was mid cry and done with life. Hahaha!

I hope you enjoyed hearing the truth behind my holiday photos. I think it's so important to reiterate the point that no matter what I or anyone posts online, It just isn't real. Whilst these pictures look like the perfect photo, they just aren't, theres a story behind each one and often they aren't fab haha. People only post what they want you to see, my holiday to Mexico certainly isn't my life, although my pictures make it seem like I had a brilliant, stress free time every second the day. Same with my Instagram, my life isn't actually pink and pretty, my rooms a state and taking pictures doesn't happen in a snap shot and well would you look at that I have the perfect one? All isn't always as it seems! 

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Hahaha I really loved this! The fish in the sea biting your feet sounds like my worst nightmare though! I also didn't realise it rained so much there x

    Tamz |

  2. The butterfly story is hilarious! I'm glad you made it through even with your phobia!

    1. I can laugh at it now but at the time, I was fuming haha! xx


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