Thursday, 10 September 2015

JORD Wood Watches.

Oh. My.
I am absolutely in love with this watch, seriously, how beautiful is it?!
I will apologise now, this post is going to be very photo heavy.. I literally couldn't stop taking photos of this little beauty.
So thanks to the lovely people over at Jord Watches, I am now the proud owner of a Sydney Maple and Rose Gold watch, and how excited am I to share it with you?! Very! When I was first made aware of Jord Watches I was instantly intrigued by how different they look, they are made from 100% natural wood, something which I'm sure I've never seen before, its certainly eye catching isn't it? The wood that Jord uses is completely untreated, and sustainably sourced, and not only do they use maple wood, they also use bamboo, and ebony to name but a few. Very unique.
It didn't take me long to choose the watch I wanted, I had a good look through the wide variety they offer, and instantly fell in love with the Sydney in Maple and Rose Gold. I seem to have a big obsession with rose gold at the minute, so I knew instantly this was the one for me, and I definitely wasn't disappointed.
The Swarovski crystals set around the clock face itself add such a pretty, feminine touch to the watch, I mean, who doesn't love rose gold and sparkles?!
The watch didn't take long to arrive at all, I waited just over a week, although it felt longer as I was just so excited to receive it. I annoyingly missed delivery, how annoying is it when you literally miss it by seconds?! So off to the post office I went to pick it up. Opening up the package I didn't expect it to be in such beautiful packaging..
The watch itself was sitting on a little tweed cushion, inside a really pretty wooden box, I'm going to keep this - and maybe keep jewellery in it, it's too pretty to not get a use out of it! The packaging is always an important part for me, if the packaging feels cheap and tacky, I won't have high hopes for the product - is that bad of me? Probably.. but the packing for this watch looks and feels of such high quality, I'm very impressed.

But what it all comes down to is how it feels to wear it, it's incredibly lightweight, which is a bonus for me, as my wrists are tiny, and anything too heavy is super uncomfortable, this sits nicely, without sliding or moving around. This is due to the brilliant sizing system Jord has, you are able to measure your wrist on their website, you then send them your measurements, and they make the watch to fit. Brilliant! Extra links are also included, should you ever need them.
Psssstttt, can we just appreciate how pretty it looks with my black nails? Haha.. the little things!

 When wearing this watch, I've had so many lovely comments, and that's because of how delicate and truly beautiful it is, I cannot big it up enough.

And an even bigger bonus? Jord now offer FREE shipping worldwide, yep, that's right, completely free. So now you have no excuse not to get one! If you are anything like me, and have never worn a watch, this one will completely convert you. It felt strange to begin with, but wearing it so often I now feel undressed when I don't have it on.. Like when I go out without perfume on haha.

Make sure you have a good look through all of the watches, you will fall in love with them all! You can find them HERE.

To have a look at this particular watch, you can find it HERE.

Ps, make sure you are following Jord Watches on Instagram, their feed is literally flawless, and shows you a good variety of what they have to offer! - Jord Wood Watches.


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All items in this post were a gifted item, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool



  1. this watch it so pretty!xx

  2. I've never seen any watches like that before ! I really love the style and I think the little crystals really add to it and make it look so so pretty :) I also agree that it does look fabulous nail varnish hehe :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  3. This is such a beautiful watch. I remember someone posting about one ages ago and asking which watch we'd all choose and when I looked on the site it was the rose gold one I fell in love with - it just contrasts with the wood so well. Such beautiful pictures of it too x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    1. It's literally incredible, the rose gold was definitely my favourite, the light wood goes so well with the colour!
      Aw Thankyou lovely xxx

  4. What a beautiful watch! I need it in my life, tempted to have a peruse of their website and maybe treat myself for my upcoming birthday, I'm definitely in the market for a new watch at the moment! It's so intricate and beautiful. Great post! xx

    Little Green Fancy – New Lifestyle / Vegan Blog!

    1. You definitely need to!! It'd be worth it, they're beautiful! Xoxo

  5. Wow! That watch is amazing and incredibly unique. Love that it's made out of wood.

  6. Oh my gosh this is beaaaauuuttiful! I want one!! Looks like it would go with so many things too :-)
    By the way I have done the tag :D
    Thanks again for tagging me!
    Abiee xx

    1. its amazing isn't it?! I cant stop looking at it, you definitely need one in your life!
      Eeeekkk I'll have a little look now :) xox

  7. omg this watch is absolutely stunning and the wood is so unique! I need a new one and this one is definitely on my list!

    1. It's amazing isn't it?! I'm obsessed with it xx

  8. Wow a clock made of wood is not something you see every day!
    It looks incredibly stylish too ^^

    Z ♥

  9. This is so pretty!! They're so much nicer with the rose gold face, really makes it stand out even more. Jealous you got one of these haha :-) xx

    Tamz |

    1. Aren't they just! So so pretty! Haha I'll pass on a reccomendation of your blog to the company xo

  10. Love this, it's so simple yet so gorgeous!

    Paris x


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