Saturday, 5 November 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips | Liv It Up

Charlotte Tilbury has quickly become my absolute favourite makeup brand, I love everything about it. Especially the lipsticks. 

The packaging alone is just beautiful, Im a sucker for anything gold or rose gold so putting this lipstick on my dressing table was just so satisfying haha!

Liv It Up is part of Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips collection, which are 12 lipsticks that have been named after famous women. Liv It Up was named after Liv Tyler! Which I thought was such a lovely idea, imagine having a lipstick named after you?!
I don't need to go on about how brilliant these lipsticks are, because I would honestly be here all day and I think you might get a little bored, what I will say, is the formula is incredibly creamy and long lasting, which I think is the most important thing.

If you didn't know, I didn't until recently, for every Hot Lips lipstick that is purchased, £1 of the overall price will go towards the Women For Women international charity, how amazing is that? An expensive purchase without the guilt haha. 

Liv It Up is the most beautiful colour that Im sure would look fab on all skin tones, Ive found now my tan from my holiday is wearing off, this looks amazing on paler skin tones. I am so excited to start wearing this, it was painful swatching it on my arm as it just looked so perfect, does anyone else ever have this problem?! 

Have you ever tried Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks before? I really want to branch out and try the pressed powder but I'm trying to bring myself to feeling ok about spending so much money hehe! 

ps, how pretty is the lips imprint on the lipstick?!

Lotsa Love, 

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*all items in this post have been purchased by myself or a family member and all opinions are my own*


  1. this lipstick looks so lovely, i love the look of Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks! your nails look so pretty xx

    1. its such a pretty colour! Ah thank you lovey I tried my best haha! xxx

  2. The lipstick looks so gorgeous and creamy! What a great colour choice! x

    1. it really really is, its so pretty! xxx

  3. The color is gorgeous but I simply can't justify dropping this money on a lippie as I have so many other ones!

    1. I get you! it definitely is a bit pricey xo

  4. The shade of this lipstick is gorgeous!! I love the concept of this CT collection - I must pick up a CT lipstick shade very soon because they sound gorgeous and I hear everyone raving about them! P.S. Your nail colour is gorgeous! What is it? :) xo

    Char |

    1. you really really need to get one char! they're my fave xo


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