Wednesday, 7 June 2017

5 Things I've Learned Living Without Parents

I moved out of my family home recently, and I won't lie, the novelty has now worn off & I've slowly started to realise how much harder life is when you don't have people to constantly fall back on.

1 - Its bloody difficult managing your own life. 
I don't mean like, looking after myself, I mean managing appointments, keeping on track with the things I should be doing. When I lived at home with mum, she was always there as a back up to remind me of certain hospital appointments I might have, or to remind me of things that needed doing. Whereas now, I have to fully rely on myself being super organised and keeping on track of my own business- which, for someone who is terribly unorganised, is rather tricky. 

2 - You now have to greet those unexpected visitors.
I remember when I lived with mum and someone would pop over for a quick visit, lovely, no problem, Id hear them come in and I would quickly change if I needed to and pop downstairs when I was ready. Now, nah. That's out of the window. It's now me that answers the door to those unexpected guests, hair up in a messy bun, no makeup, joggers on, that "I've literally just rolled out of bed" look. No avoiding it, full on slob. Oh and don't forget that you have to make sure the house is ALWAYS a least semi presentable just incase anyone does decide to turn up unexpectedly. 

3 - Tidying up after yourself because no one else will. 
That crisp packet you left on the side in the living room last night, that used cup on the table, will definitely still be there when you wake up in the morning. As much as i'd like to think I'm really brill at tidying up after myself, sometimes I'm just not. when I lived at home I wouldn't really notice those 'sometimes' because mum would dart about after me. Now I don't live with her, it's just shown me how lazy I really can be. Oopsie.

4 - Bills bills bills. 
So many bills. So little time. When did I become old enough to mange my own finances? What money goes where and when do I have to pay the council tax?! All things I have to manage by myself now. 

5 - Cooking is fun to begin with.. note the, 'to begin with'
Even just coming up with ideas is a huge pain in the ass. I was even looking forward to this when I first moved out, am I an idiot?? The thought of cooking your own meals and being super independent seems like a fun idea at first, that is until you realise you need actual food to cook with and that costs money, a lot of money. Do you know how frustrating it is buying all this food to cook a meal in say, 30 minutes, for it to be wolfed down in 2 seconds? Sigh. Gone are the days of coming home to a cooked meal every day.

Living without parents around you can be fab don't get me wrong, the sense of independence etc.. but I honestly regret not appreciating how easy life was when I did.

Soph xo

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  1. I recently moved out and feel the exact same! ALL THE CLEANING *eye roll* xx

    1. so much cleaning.. i have black furniture too which shows dust so easily, sigh! xx

  2. Great post! It's really opened my eyes and you gotta appreciate what your parents do for you and how much easier life is.

    Khadija x

  3. I love coming back from uni for the holidays and having cooked meals!!! Can't imagine fully living on my own though :o
    Great post!

    1. Its such a treat isn't it hahah! xx

  4. I know that living alone is difficult that's why at 23, I've never left my parents' house! HAHA. Or it's really a culture here in my country to live with our parents until we get married! But there are a few who live on their own though.

    xoxo, rae

    1. its pretty difficult! Id absolutely love to still be living at home but Im actually quite enjoying the independence xo

  5. Great post! I can definitely see myself having a mini breakdown when I eventually move out because I am the laziest person in the world and there's nothing better than coming home from work to sit down and do what you want - that is NOT going to happen when I move out! I can already tell how exhausting thinking of meals is going to be as well haha xo

    Char |

    1. honestly it's been so much harder than id ever imagined! i miss coming home and being able to chill, finding the time to actually do anything worthwhile just doesn't happen anymore haha! xo

  6. I relate to this post on so many levels! Just makes you appreciate going home that much more.

    Milster x


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