Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Life Lately | A Breech Baby?!

If like me, you've heard of the word 'breech' before, but actually have no clue what it means; then just to clarify, it means baby is feet first. Essentially 'the wrong way round'. Not ideal. But we'll get to that in a bit..

Generally, life is going pretty well! Ive kind of been, I guess, making the most of not having a child?! Does that sound a bit harsh? haha.. Ive done more than I ever have done with my life these past few weeks, I spend most evenings with friends, out for food, day trips to Weston for cream tea's, I had a lovely weekend away in Cheddar Woods which was so lovely. I spent a lot of time relaxing whilst dipping my feet into the hottub because annoyingly, if you're pregnant you're not allowed in! Sigh. I had my baby shower, I moved house, all whilst planning and preparing myself for the new arrival. 

I had another check up at my local hospital Friday just gone, about 2 weeks ago I was called in for 'an emergency appointment' because I was measuring 5cm too small for how far gone I was. Turns out all was well, but they discovered baby was breech. Now I've heard this term before, and judging by the look on the ladies face it didn't seem like she was overly pleased, I mean, she was like "WUHAYYYY babies breech!". So yeah, baby is basically the wrong bloody way wrong. Just my luck. So I had another check up Friday just gone to see if he'd turned, nope, course he hasn't. He has 2 weeks left to shimmy around in there, if he doesn't, then it's full steam ahead to prepare for a caesarean. 

Didn't think that would be something I'd have to prepare for, or even want to prepare for. But in my head, that's whats going to be happening. Id rather prepare for the worst and be fully comfortable with it, rather than hoping he will turn and not feel as prepared mentally if he doesn't turn, does that make sense? I dunno. We shall see what happens. 

My dads Birthday gift!

I got really bored with my hair. Im so bad with chopping and changing it, that I randomly rang my hairdressers and said I wanted to go lighter and I got an appointment the same day. I absolutely love it! It adds so much more texture to my hair, I'm thinking of going lighter again, but at £90 a time, I might hold back for a little while.. 

Ive been trying to sort through all the baby shower gifts and just general bits this week, failing already. Baby has so many clothes, more than me, and he isn't even here yet?! 

I have SO MANY baby grows- at my baby shower, pictured in the photo of Han and Tom in the photo above, everyone decorated their own baby grow for baby Dera, so that's over 20 of the things already, not counting what everyone bought me. Definitely need to head into Bristol and buy even more storage.. a sure sign of things to come, I'm sure. 

Im going to try really hard to keep my blog a place where I actually pop regular updates on, although I'm not sure how easy this will be with a newborn! How scary, but I'm so so excited! 

Soph xo
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  1. Fingers crossed the little baby will turn around for you! When is he due? Loving the lighter hair as well, it looks really nice and it suits you xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    1. I bloody hope so, though I don't really have high hopes :( he's due the 19th of July, not long at all x


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