Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Love|Hate Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Olivia from Olivia Redfern to complete the love hate tag, this has came around at a perfect time for me as I was planning on writing a more personal post but was unsure on what exactly.
Make sure you give her blog a good read, she's brilliant at what she does!
So the rules are; You need to write about 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, you then have to nominate other bloggers, I'm going to nominate my favourites, I think you're meant to do 10 but I wont be doing that many!
Dominos! oh my, I have a massive love for dominos. It's ridiculous. Although what I order is pretty boring, bbq base & cheese.
The build up to Christmas! I love the build up to Christmas, but the actual day not so much.
Buying presents for people! I can't think of anything better than buying someone something that you know they will love and really appreciate?! I keep buying my boyfriend random things that I know he'll like, just because I love seeing his face when he gets it, makes him quiet for more than 5 minutes hey ;)
The Walking Dead! The walking dead is my absolute favourite thing in the world. I was so gutted when I finished the most recent series.. I was pretty addicted!
Nights Away! I'm going to Cardiff for a night away this weekend, whilst that may not seem very exciting to some of you, I can't wait to do some shopping and just have a night away from home, for once!
Instagram! Obsessed. That is all.
Dogs | Puppies! So I've stupidly set my eyes upon a beauuuutiful puppy that I am now determined to buy, I love dogs, I've had one since I was about 7, but that's our family dog :)
Disney! again.. Disney obsessed. Always have been!
Sweets! I'm really not a big chocolate fan, but I loooooove sweets, especially Haribo!
The Boyfriend! *cringe*. Obviously any normal human being who has one would include them in this, but mines included especially because he's just incredible. I wish I could tell him how brilliant he actually is, but I can't put it into words, and he probably wouldn't believe me anyway!

The Sea! I couldn't think of anything worse than swimming in the sea, the thought of not knowing what's below me is terrifying and just no. a big no.
Water Slides! When I was little, I went on holiday with my dad to Tenerife, and we had little water slides in our hotel, I remember being sat at the top of one, which for a little girl was quite big..for a adult it was tiny! But I was petrified and my dad pushed me down to get me going thinking I would love it, I hated it and ever since, even to this day, I am terrified of going on a water slide. My family and me went to Splashdown, a waterpark, a few years ago, and I remember sitting on the side of the pool watching everyone else having fun whilst I was too scared to go on anything!
Car Journeys! I get really car sick, so car journeys aren't a great experience for me..

Dirty Hands! A weird one.. But I hate my hands being mucky, so the minute they get dirty, which in my job is often (I work with kids) immediately I feel the urge to wash them. 

Animals That Fly! Wasps, bees, insects, especially butterflies! Moths, birds, just no. I hate them all haha.

Onions! The one food I can't stand - even if they're cut up reaaaaally small I'd still be able to tell you if they're in something, they're vile! 

Walking Into Places First! Another weird one, I hate walking into places first, especially restaurants, I've always had a few problems with food anyway but the initial walking in and going to a table petrifies me. 

Fruit In Food! Why ruin a perfectly good cake with fruit?!

Cooked Fruit! Can't stand it. Raw fruit I like, but cooked apples for example?! No. The texture, the taste, just no. It tastes sour to me for some reason?! 

Mixing Foods! That being putting sweets in chocolate, putting chocolate on fruit, why?!? It just doesn't go in my brain haha. 

Hopefully I didn't come across too strange or picky haha, which I probably did.. 

So for this one, and you don't have to do it, (entirely up to you) I shall nominate;

Abiee Lucas -
 my favourite blogger, she's lovely, and a gooden at that! (ps, Abiee I am getting round to doing the award you tagged me in, it's just taking me a while haha!)

Rachel CoCo -
I'm envious of her blog. Basically you need to read every single one of her posts, she's loveeeely :)

Also, sorry if you've already done this post before, but by all means put your own spin on it or not do it at all.. I'm not phased haha!


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  1. I was totally with you on the HATE section of "any animals that flies" until you said butterflies! Though I hate moths they are just like ugly wanna-be butterflies! I do agree with Christmas though - I am too excited!

    1. haha ugly wanna be butterflies, I love that! xox

  2. love this post! i hate animals that fly too, they're so freaky haha!xx

  3. I must say,I'm totally with you on the love side, the hate side, well I love everything on there too :D hahaha xoxo

  4. Yaaay thank you for tagging me I can't wait to do it! :D And aww you're so sweet, you're MY favourite blogger! :D I can't stress enough my love for christmas, dominos and puppies hahaha! I really hope you get that puppy so I can see many photos and snapchats of it!! When I get my own place I want to get a bichon frise or a labradoodle :-) & aww your boyfriend bit was so cute! I feel like I can only express my love my boyfriend by telling him he stinks hahahaha! Also I'm totally with you with the car journeys and cooked fruit - yuck!
    Abiee xx

    1. You're very welcome mdear :))
      Eeekkkk me too!! I've saved for it so hopefully I'll get one soon, it'll be my little baby haha.
      Oh usually we bully eachother too! He'll probably read what I wrote about him and be sick hahah, xxxxx

  5. Love this post! I am with you on dirty hands♥♥♥

    1. Good I'm glad I'm not the only one haha x

  6. I agree with everything you love haha, especially dogs, build up to Christmas and Walking Dead, oh and Dominos.. can't forget Dominos!!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Gotta love walking dead! And especially dominos! Always a favourite xxxx

  7. Aw just seen you tagged me - thank you so much lovely! I shall do this asap! xxx


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