Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Actual Morning Routine.. 100% NOT Sugar Coated!

That means, not the one that I'd like people to think I have, with the bits I don't want people to see edited out, not the one that shows my fab skin care, yknow.. the real one. That most people have but are often too ashamed to admit to haha.

6.00am - First alarm, not getting up for another hour, but I like to know I've got another hour in bed, terrible logic but we'll go with it. 

7.00am - The second alarm goes off. Quickly turn it off to see that, oh surprise, no ones text me through the night and I have no notifications. Shouldn't really need to go on any form of social media then at such an early time.

7.10am - This is when I realise 10 minutes have passed and I've somehow fallen onto social media and I'm deep into my mums friends aunties dogs Instagram page. Should probably get up now or i'll look like shit today.

7.15am - Finally get up, later than I should've. Accepts the fact i'll look like shit today.

7.20am - Breakfast made, spend 15 minutes back in bed eating it because its warm in there right? whilst doing so, rechecking social media incase I've missed anything major in the last 5 minutes. I haven't. Obviously.

7.35am - Look at the time, think to myself *SHIT*. I will look like an actual toe today. Quickly do my hair and makeup, you guessed it, whilst still in bed. Any makeup on my face from last night still? Maybe, whats closest, makeup wipe or Micellar Water, makeup wipe it is. 

8.00am - Looks at makeup in actual daylight, realises it looks like utter shite, now accepting of the fact I really do look like a toe today.

8.05am - Where is my uniform? Im sure I left it here but it isn't here anymore?! MUM?! WHERE IS MY UNIFORM?! Oh it's right there where I left it, sorry mum. 

8.20am - Get drawn into GMB talking about Donald Trump and the Weather even though I have zero interest in the guy, and I'm definitely not taking ANY of this in. anything to not go to work ay.

8.30 - Well shit. Now I'm running late aren't I?! Quickly do my teeth, not for long enough but ill do them even better tonight for definite. Maybe I'll make it on time if I drive a certain way, nah actually I know a shortcut that will be much quicker. 

8.45 - Short cut? There is no such thing. Stuck in major traffic, should've left earlier. 

8.50 - FINALLY I've made it to work, only gone and forgotten my coat though haven't I, my drink, my bag, should've really gotten up at 7am. Maybe tomorrow then..

Ive been watching so many morning routines recently and my morning couldn't be any more different. Skin Care routine? what even is that.. Soph at 7 in the morning couldn't even comprehend haha! I hope Im not alone with how terrible I am in the mornings..

Soph, x


  1. This is all soooo true. I forever get stuck into Instagram at 7am then realise that it's been 20 minutes and I now don't get to wear any eyeliner as it'll sense my late fear! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com x

    1. haha its terrible isn't it! Wish i had a really swish routine that everyone else seems to have haha xx

  2. I'm never actually 'late' for work in the mornings, but I never give myself enough time to look presentable and something always has to give each morning just so that I'm not late! It's shameful haha xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. haha thats my life!! and why I look so terrible at work! xx

  3. This is so true!! I always go bad to bed to eat my breakfast haha! I have no idea why.. just happens. X

    1. this makes me feel so much better.. all of my friends sit at tables and I'm like oh i go back to bed ahah xx

  4. this is always me too. I never give myself enough time and then when I do, I spend it doing my makeup because I think I'll have enough time and end up rushing anyway haha!xx


  5. Ah such a fun post and I like your honesty its a breath of fresh air! Your dressing table is gorgeous by the way too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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