Friday, 6 January 2017

The Brights Have Returned, Finally!

One thing I absolutely love about the new year is the fact my bright lipsticks come back out to play. For a while now they've been at the back of my makeup storage waiting for brighter days & Christmas to swiftly part.

Now the dark vampy colours have been popped away, apart from 2 because I find them very difficult to wave goodbye to,  my bright colours have arrived to brighten up January. I don't know why but I can't bring myself to wear a bright orange or pinky colour in December, a dark burgundy seems to scream my name. 

MAC as a brand is one I always seem to go back to, aside from Charlotte Tilbury, because of the huge variety of colours. The quality is fab, although the price really is not, & I just find myself always reaching for MAC lipsticks. 
3 of my all time favourite shades for the new year are Morange, Relentlessly Red, & All Fired Up, all of which are a bit  very out there. 

First up, is All Fired Up. retro matte.
A bright fuchsia pink with red undertones, I actually much prefer this to my statement red shades. I find it so much more comfortable to wear as it isn't as in your face as a bright red, but still bright enough to make a statement if you get me? I will say if you're the kind of person who prefers the colour as bright as it possibly can be, make sure you apply a lipliner along with it as this just makes it even more opaque, and it also obviously lasts a bit longer! This shade doesn't bleed or smudge on me, probably because it's a retro matte finish. You'd assume it would be really drying, and it can be, just ensure you use lip-seal before using it. it really isn't as drying as Ruby Woo!

Relentlessly Red. retro matte.
Yep, it looks identical to All Fired Up. I thought so too, but it's actually so different. This shade is more of a pinky red, with coral undertones. In the tube it's actually a lot brighter than All Fired Up, it's a lot more neon, and this transfers onto your lips too as it's very, very opaque. If that's not your thing, this probably isn't the colour for you! Again, this one doesn't smudge or bleed, matte finishes are my absolute fave even though they may not be the most comfortable. 

Morange. amplified lipstick. 
Ahh, a trusty old favourite. When you think of a bright orange lipstick, it doesn't sound too appealing does it? You imagine it looking bloody awful. But it honestly really doesn't! Morange has quite a creamy finish, but not too creamy that the colour doesn't pay off, it's still very opaque. Obviously not being a matte finish, there is a bit of transfer but nothing too bad, considering I'm a matte girl through and through I absolutely love Morange. It reminds me of the summer time, being on holiday drinking cocktails! It's a colour i'll always repurchase.


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  1. Great post! I have a thing for unused lipsticks, they're so beautiful, especially the colours that you've chosen! xx

    1. haha me too, they look so pretty don't they! xx

  2. All Fired Up is a shade that looks like I'll LOVE! Seems like the perfect reason to go shopping!
    Rachael | Rachael Blogs Beauty

    1. I have to say it might be my favourite! xx


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