Sunday, 8 January 2017

8 Things No One Tells You About The First Trimester.

If you missed my previous post, hello to you, I'm pregnant. haha, there's that done as bluntly as possible!

As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I knew I would document everything on my blog. Mainly because it's for memories, but also because so many things have happened that I had no idea would happen, because no one talks about it. My pregnancy is already surprising me, a lot. 

1. The Doctors is shite. I turned up to mine, ready to tell them I was pregnant, thinking they would book me an appointment and generally, be quite involved. Nah, completely not what happens. I turned up, told them the news, and was told "ok great what you need to do is ring the hospital and tell them you're pregnant and how far gone in a few weeks time, if anything happens to your baby do let us know, because we often don't hear of these things" right. So basically you aren't involved at all then?

2. Pissing into a thin tube is really quite difficult.  This is something that I've recently discovered, because you have to do a wee sample every.bloody.time you visit a midwife. The pressure of making sure you get it in the tube before all your wee is in the toilet, tough job. haha. 

3. Taking a million tests is normal.  After doing the 6th pregnancy test I began to think I was a bit of a weirdo and taking this a bit too far. But it's normal to worry. Ive also been told you don't need to buy a fancy test that cost you £50 and tells you how far along you are and how many fingers toes eyes and legs it has (joke, obviously) but you really don't. The cheap £2 ones are just as reliable as the rest. 

4. Going for your scan convinced the lady will tell you theres nothing in there. Ah this worried me a lot. Heres loads of tests to tell you I'm pregnant but I'm sure I'm gunna embarrass myself by wasting this ladies time, lets just leave now. I was convinced that id get into the room, lie down, watch the screen and see nothing. This is also really normal too. I wasn't in denial, just scared because there had been no conformation up until this point that I was pregnant, and yknow, how embarrassing if I wasn't. 

5. You'll fall asleep at 8 and miss good TV. This varies, obviously. But I was always up until 11 every night, not tired in the slightest. Pop a little bean in my tummy and my good god I was dead to the world by 8. Gone are the days when I get to watch a good drama on tv. Your body is working harder than it would do if you were at the gym. Just by being led down. 

6. You change as a person, already. Your moods, your lifestyle, your energy, eating habits, all changed. I first noticed that I couldn't see straight when I got up too quickly, that's because my blood pressure is now at an all time low. Also affected by the baby. I don't go out as much as I don't have the energy, and I'm a moody bitch a lot of the time. oops.

7. You cry because a fox got stuck in a drain. Not even that sad really, but me hormones are all over the place so that little fox who was stuck for about 0.05 seconds has broken my heart. 

8. Start buying, Now! A bit of common sense this one, but so handy too. Start buying nappies, wipes, nappy sacks now. Babies can have up to 10 changes a day, so if you're buying in bulk as soon as it's born, well that's a lot of money noticeably gone for something you could've bought gradually months ago. 


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