Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life Update. #2

I liked writing my last life update so much, so much so that Ive decided to do another! Not much has changed over the last almost 2 weeks, my life isn't very exciting. In fact, to reiterate this, I'm going to Asda on Saturday and I'm excited about this. Excitement over load. 

First of all apologies if this post makes no sense, currently have music on as I'm writing this, Im already typing what I'm singing, awkwardddd. Also apologies for my sarcastic humour - its coming out in a lot of my posts at the minute, not sure how I feel about this ahah.

Anyways, like I said nothing has actually changed/happened since my last update, so If you were wondering why I'm writing this post, don't because I haven't any answers haha. BUT! massive but, can we take a minute to appreciate how effing good American Horror Story is?! I'm only on the second series at the minute, I used to laugh at people who watched it because I assumed it was a shitty american thing, don't know why but I generally hate american murder mystery type of things, pretty little liars would be a big no from me. I now can't think of any others.. but there are many that I strongly dislike! haha, but I'm addicted to American Horror story at the moment!

Eeeeekkk its my birthday sunday! *pretends to be excited*. Ill be 20, and I really am not bothered. Which makes me sad because it shows I'm now a grown up, which I'm not cool with at all. I still feel about 14 years old, I dread the day I have to book appointments for myself or speak to important people on the phone, my mum still does all this for me ahah, because, well?!

Im not doing anything too exciting for my birthday, Im seeing my bestie on Saturday, Im sure I've mentioned him a gazillion times but his names Mac and he's coming back from Uni for a bit, he's been my best friend since we started nursery together, so 18 years he's put up with me, congratulations on that milestone Mac ahah, you've done yourself proud there! We're going to Asda so I can look at their homeware, I'm really sad aha. 

Sunday, the actual day of birth, Im going for a carvery with the family and the boyf, my family is huge so very rarely do we all get together, so I'm looking forward to this. :)

I've also booked the Monday off of work, initially me and Matt were going to stay over night somewhere but that isn't happening now so clueless as to what we'll do Monday - probably nothing and eat a shit load of dominos.. normal day for us haha.

Honestly, that's pretty much all I have to tell you! Im in a really good place at the minute, hopefully it stays!


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Sorry for the rambles, what even was this post?! no idea.


  1. Great post dear! Have a nice day:)

  2. I love american horror story! I couldn't stop watching it when i started!

    1. its amazing! I'm seriously completely hooked! xx

  3. I love AHS too!:) I love your photo! And haha i turned 19 in September and I don't wanna grow up I still get my mum to do everything for me too lol I can't ring up places or do anything loool!! And as a PLL fan I'm shocked ;) hope you have a lovely birthday!!!:) xxxxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I'm seriously addicted to it.. its a problem! haha.
      its awful isn't it?! I'm such a shit adult haha.. can't do anything for myself at all. I've never watched a single episode of PLL but i know i would really dislike it.. its hyped up so much though so maybe i would like it.. i duno!

      thankyou so much love! xoxoxo

  4. i've never seen AHS but i've heard so many good things about it!:-) i hope you have a lovely birthday on sunday:-)xxx

    1. you definitely need to get on it! you'll be hooked.. i thought i would hate it and i LOVE it! ah thank you sweet, very kind! xoxoxo

  5. Wonderful post, I love AHS so much. It's my all time favorite show. Hope you have an amazing day.
    xo, Teng


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