Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumn Nails.

Recently a lovely lady from Born Pretty Store sent me some really pretty nail art pieces which I was very excited to try out! 

Ive not really used nail stickers before, so I expected the application to be really difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Personally I think they look so pretty! 

I was sent 7 small packs, most of which were flowers, which I had chosen, although one of them was little snowflakes and fawns - fawns are my absolute favourite animal! I shall be wearing these around Christmas time haha. 

Today I decided to use the flowers which looked the most Autumnal, because obviously we're well into Autumn at the minute; 

I decided to pair it with a white nail varnish, I think if I was to use a bold colour there would be too much going on, as the flowers are quite bright and theres a lot of them. 

I started by checking the instructions on the back of the packet, which I didn't understand at all. It was basically just a jumble of words, like someone didn't have much of an understanding of english, for example one of the instructions were; "Waterwet with a surface, ll turn pattern sliding surface moves to the satisfaction to shell of Angle" - so yep, that was reeeeeally helpful. 

I kind of just winged it, no idea if I did it right, but I tried to read between the lines of the instructions, and they turned out okay, so I think I did it right haha.

First of all I cut the pattern into small pieces to fit my nails, there was a guideline on the sheet, but my nails are tiny so I just cut where I needed to so I wouldn't waste so much. 

You then need a warm glass/bowl of water to hand, to apply them to your nails (once your nail varnish of choice is completely dry), dip the piece of card into the water for around 10 seconds, you then need to place it ontop of the nail, to which a thin film with the flowers attached will stick to your nail. It was almost like a really thin cling film, and it smells like the rubber rings you can buy on hot holidays haha. 

It stuck really well, but to be extra sure it wouldn't budge, I applied a top coat. I'm really impressed with how good it looks, I didn't expect big things if I'm honest, but it genuinely looks like I've painted the pattern on myself, wish I could actually take the credit for painting it on. 

I would 100% recommend trying the water sticker decals out for yourself, they have so so many different patterns to choose from, I found it very hard to choose!

Amazingly, the products are such a good price, ranging from $1.99 - $2.99, which for what your buying I think is a brilliant price!

If you're interested in trying them out for yourself, Born Pretty have provided me with a loooovely little 10% off code for you, just use the code PHCG10 to receive your money off! 

Not only will the 10% off code never expire, but it also includes free shipping. Which is so lovely of them!

If you happen to purchase any for yourself, please do let me know! id love to see what you choose! 


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Items in this post were kindly gifted to me for review by Born Pretty Store. All opinions are 100% truthful and my own, because lying just isn't cool.


  1. i absolutely love these, they look so pretty:-)xxx

  2. These look gorgeous ! I love the colours and the pattern and you're right they're perfect for Autumn ! I've never tried nail art pieces because I was never quite sure how but I'm definitely going to give it a go with your step by step tutorial you make it sound really simple... I think even I could do it hehe :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. ah thank you, i was so surprised i did them so well if I'm honest haha! xxxx

  3. SO CUTE!! definitely need to try them out!

    love, rach.
    So, hi

  4. oh my gosh these are sooo pretty!! XXX
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  5. Amazing post :)

  6. These are so cute! I've tried using metallic nail stickers before but they stuck in all weird and patchy!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. oh really? how strange.. metallic ones sound amazing though!! xx

  7. great blog post, had a great read :)... love your blog post :) keep up the good work :)

    Jadiee'sLittleBlog keep in touch


  8. I love these! They look amazing! Wish I could paint them on too haha xx

    Tamz //


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