Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Pamper Evening Essentials.

In my opinion, a pamper evening is the perfect ending to a stressful day, and I have a lot of those! I probably have more pamper evenings than your average person haha.. I love them too much!
So today I'm bringing you what I class as my essentials for the perfect eve. 

I very rarely wash my hair in the bath, by that I mean the whole hog; shampoo, conditioner, & a mask. I don't know why, I just don't find it very clean? Even though we have a shower head attached to our taps, I much prefer to wash my hair properly in the shower, I find it more practical. 

However saying that, I do quite often wear a hair mask when I'm in the bath. Completely contradicting myself there.. I find it easier to pop it on, sit back and watch a bit of netflix, and then when the time comes to wash it off, I can rinse away. Does that make sense? I find wearing a mask in the shower or around the house really boring, or I'm worrying about touching furniture ahah. Maybe I'm just weird. 

The mask I'm using at the moment, is the Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque, which states is for colour hair, however when I didn't have blonde tips it still worked absolute wonders. This has basically saved my hair, it's amazing! You can pick it up for £8.99, it's completely worth it. 

Lush Cosmetics Lover Lamp is a firm fave at the moment!

I find it impossible to have a bath without a Lush bath bomb, I can't even remember the last time. I've been loving Lover Lamp recently, it's filled with lots of red hearts which are made from coco butter. Leaving your skin super soft and smooth. It also leaves your bath really slippery, something which I've experienced haha.. 

I will then use this time to sit back, binge watch pretty little liars, shave my legs and all that jazz, shan't go into too much detail here! I've been using Imperial Leathers Marshmallow Shower Cream all the time for the past month and honestly, I've never smelt something so amazing. I want to eat it!! Amazingly, I bought this for a pound in boots, a bleddy pound?!

Lover Lamp Bath Bombs.

I will then head up to my room and light one of my candles to make my room smell lovely. I've recently purchased one of Yankee Candles Vanilla Cupcake - I think this is my 3rd jar? It's incredible. Smell it, buy it!

Then it's time for me to head back down stairs, to focus on my skin care.

I literally could eat this candle it smells so good!

Lover Lamp fizzing away.

For Skincare, I have been obsessing over my new cleanser and brush. I bought my new beauty, Vanity Planets Ultimate Skin Spa, over 2 weeks ago now, and oh me oh my this has done absolute wonders for my skin. You would be surprised how much crap is still left behind in your skin, even after cleansing. I use Garnier micellar water, and I love it, but using my soap and glory cleansing milk, with my ultimate skin spa, oh good golly my skin is so smooth and soft. You honestly would not believe what cleansing without this godsend of a brush leaves behind, you can find the skin spa here. Where you will receive a massive 70% off thanks to my lovely friend Hannah, what a gem she is. 

I will then head back up to my bedroom, whack a disney film on (more often than not, snow white!) and scroll through Instagram to see what everyones up to. I am obsessed with Insta at the moment, don't judge haha!

I hope you've enjoyed having a nosey into what my essentials are for a cosy night in!

How do you spend your pamper evenings?


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  1. I'm actually the same I never wash my hair in the bath, and I only tend to bath in the evening if I've like taken a shower that morning (otherwise I feel as if I'm sitting in dirt!) I have had my eyes on the Lover Lamp Bath Bombs for ages and wish I had picked some up :( I am definitely one of those people who does the whole "candles, face mask, bath bomb, skin care etc" routine if I'm taking a bath! xx

    1. im glad im not the only one!!
      I can only have a bath in the evening too, don't know why, how odd haha.
      Exactly! go for the whole hog or nothing in my opinion hehe xx

  2. I'm not a fan of washing my hair in the bath either as I find it hard to make sure I've washed all the shampoo out! But it sounds like you have a lovely pamper evening. Xx


    1. yes exactly! so glad you agree, i certainly do! <3 xo

  3. I too pamper myself more than the average person hahaha I love them, they help me to unwind! I absolutely love Lush, I really want to try that bath bomb out it looks so pretty. As for skincare the products you use sound fab, and I also picked up that marshmallow shower gel the other day smells beautiful, alongside the fruit salad one! Also that Yankee candle scent is incredible, I too want to eat it hahaha! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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