Thursday, 24 March 2016

The "what am I doing with my life?!" Worry.

A happy day out with my family, the best kind! :)

Bit of a different one from me today, I'm not even too sure what I want to write, I just know I want to write it.

I have the most brilliant job - I work with children, the place is lovely, the children are lovely, and the parents are too. I live with my mum still- kind of anyway. Im pretty much hopping from houses, ew this sounds completely wrong not like that ahah! I mean one minute I'm at my mums, but rarely. The next I'm at Matts, which is the majority of the time. 

I've recently been on 2 lovely weekend's away, one with Matt, the other with 3 friends. I have the loveliest friends who completely get me, don't judge me, and basically get how weird I am so I can be myself 100%. I have the best, best friend ever.  His name is Mac, he's been my bestie since I was 2, we've been through nursery together, infant school, primary school, and secondary school together, and here he is, still putting up with me now haha. Head over to his Instagram because he takes the most arty pictures which I can't ever do myself, show him some love, Im very lucky to have someone so fab in my life,  @macboatswain

I have the most lovely boyfriend who's been in my life for just over a year now, he's still here even after seeing my weird side, which isn't actually a weird side.. its just me, and he's stayed put haha! He makes me very very happy, although we're at the stage where he annoys me immensely. Like he will stay up until half 12 in the morning playing some fighting game when we both have work the next morning, he will use my bath bombs that my dad gave me for christmas.. still awaiting for those bath bombs to be replaced please and thank you matthew!!! But in all seriousness he is an absolute gem and I'm very thankful that I stumbled into a pub one night and drunkenly told him that my sister just kissed someone. Fab. One to tell the kids.

Anyway more to the point, even though my life seems pretty perfect I still have those days where I'm sat in my room, wondering what the F I'm doing with my life?! Like, I dunno, I can't even explain it myself. I want to be doing super exciting things, I want to see places that never seen before, I want to do things I've never done before. I'm constantly judging peoples lives by what they post on social media, making me insanely jealous! I see pictures of people travelling, seeing amazing things and going to amazing places, whilst I sit in my room watching Jeremy Kyle wondering what I'm doing with my life haha! Literally doing that right now while I write this. 

I sometimes can't help but think I want to do more with my life, but I don't know what?!? Literally no clue. I came back from the weekends away thinking, back to work, back to my normal life, back to reality, and as much as I love my life and what I do, I dunno, somethings missing but I'm not sure what. 

Does any of this make the slightest bit of sense? Probably not, now it's out of my system I feel a lot better for it, no clue as to what Ive gotten out my system but hey ho. 

For now, it's back to Jeremy Kyle and sleeping for me because I'm off of work as I'm a bit poorly, I hope you all have a wonderful easter and a lovely weekend x


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  1. I know what you mean girl. It is such a strange feeling that I think all young people feel and I would like to imagine that that feeling fades with age. (Fingers crossed!) Also the way that you met your man is hilarious and amazing haha
    xx Annie

  2. I get you! Sometimes you just need to pour your feelings onto a blog post!! It sounds like you're very lucky, a good job, friends, boyfriend etc, I'm glad you're feeling very grateful and positive! I often ask myself what the hell am I doing with my life.. A lot of the times it seems I'm going in no direction! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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