Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Biggest Lush Store In The World.

Yep, it's happened. I travelled the 3 hour journey, just to visit the biggest Lush store in the world. Which lives in London, Oxford Street. One of the busiest shopping streets in Europe!

Along side my bestie Mac, we stood outside the store just admiring it for a little while, amazed at how MASSIVE the shop actually was, like we knew it was big, but oh me oh my it was huge. We walked in to be told, "Welcome to the biggest Lush store in the world".

The ground floor is full of hair, hand, foot, face treatments, and makeup. When entering the first thing you will see is a big round sink, where a member of staff was stood, showing how the bath bombs work. "She's got intergalactic in there" I said to Mac, how sad that I can tell what bath bomb it is by the effect in the water, that's when you know you're addicted!

The underground floor, is where you will find the spa. This floor is mainly full of massage bars, perfumes, and a few face masks.

Now the top floor, my favourite floor, is full to the brim of bath bombs, bubble bars, fun, and gift sets. We were amazed by how many products there actually were, although I will say a few things are repeated in different areas.

You're probably dying to see pictures! So I'll shut up now, and let you have a little look around!


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                                             All items in this post were bought by myself, and all opinions are my own, because telling lies just isn't cool

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