Thursday, 14 September 2017

American Beauty Haul! | Too Faced Cosmetics, Bath & Body Works, Wet n Wild

My best pal Mac recently returned from a trip to New York armed with a handful of AMAZING gifts for me, what a love. He spent the majority of his time there sending me photos of pretty makeup products making me insanely jealous, but I did not think he would return with so many lovely things for me!

He'd picked up a Too Faced Love Flush blush for me, in the shade Love Hangover - I now have three of these little beauties so I am so super grateful that he managed to find this one. How beautiful is the bunny pattern?! I almost don't want to use it and just have it on display for all to see but, that would obviously be a huge waste of money haha. The colour pay off from the Love Flush blushes are amazing, really pigmented meaning a little goes a loooong way, I guess that means the pattern will last a little longer too.. we can hope. 

Wet n Wild is a brand id heard an awful lot about but never tried any of their products, Mac clearly knows me well because he picked up my perfect shade - 'Ravin Raisin', how fab is that name though!? He said it would be a good shade for autumn/winter and I have to agree, I do love my berry shades around this time of year and this one will be perfect!

Firstly, why do we STILL not have a Bath and Body Works in the UK?! Ive wanted to buy their candles and hand sanitisers for the longest time now, Mac did actually pick me up a candle too which smells bloody amazing, I think it's in the scent spiced apple pumpkin?! Something along those lines. The two hand sanitisers he chose were pumpkin cupcake and marshmallow pumpkin latte and I kid you not, they smell like the actual things?! Not like a hand sanitiser at all- these will probably be living in my handbag and no doubt will be empty by the end of the week! So good.

This was a complete surprise and I honestly could not believe he'd got me this, just look at it?! Again, another product from Too Faced but this one is a highlighter, and its bloody gorgeous. This one is in the shade Blinded by The Light and is just beautiful isn't it?! Ive spotted these on the Too Faced Instagram page for months now, id wanted to pick this exact one up actually but I just couldn't justify the shipping costs! But I am SO grateful that Mac obviously knows me well and got it for me, I don't even think I told him about these highlighters and clearly, he's just a true pal! It will probably take me a good while to actually use it and ruin the pretty pattern haha but once I do ill be sure to post a review!

I honestly have the best pal in the world. Love you Mac! x


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  1. It's so nice of your friend to bring you this back! We really need a Bath and Body Works in the UK!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. The Too Faced blush looks so pretty !

  3. Bath and Body works need to come to the UK!! I need to smell all of the candles that I have seen all over the internet! What a lovely friend you have x

    1. the one I have smells incredible, i need more of them! x

  4. I've always wanted to go to America just to go in Bath and body works! I need some of those pocket backs! X


  5. The Wet n Wild lipsticks are fab, I have many shades and I love them. They can be a little drying on the lips so make sure you use a lip balm before applying them!! x


  6. the highlighter looks stunning. the lipstick looks like such a lovely shade for autumn!x

  7. ooo! Love that Two Faced Blush!


  8. What a complete legend of a friend!? I love the look of that Too Faced highlighter, it looks like the perfect shade and I'm still impatiently waiting for Bath and Body Works to be distributed here in the UK!xo

    Char |

    1. honestly he's amazing! such a little love, the highlighter is literally giving me life ahah i love it x

  9. omg they are all so prettyy!! Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



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