Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Girly Tag.

Hello my dears!
I recently came across a lovely blog, this being Amanda Gouthro
She's just done this tag, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it and learning more about her, so make sure you check out her post!


What foundation do you use?
I'm currently using Rimmels Match Perfection - I've been using this for years, it's hard to get me hooked onto anything else!

What powder do you use?
I use Rimmels Stay Matte powder, I've not really found any other powders that are good as this one, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments!

What eyebrow pencil do you use?
Everyone is surprised when I say this.. I don't fill in my eyebrows! Because I have such dark hair I just don't need to!

What eyeliner do you use?
Rimmels Soft Kohl eyeliner pencil.. I see a theme here haha. 

What is your favourite eyeshadow?
I love the original Naked Pallete!
What mascara do you use?
I'm using, the Maybelline Colossal, think I'm in need of a new one shortly though!

What are five of your favorite lip balms/glosses/sticks?

1 - Rimmel London - Kate Moss 107

2 - Rimmel London - Kate Moss 01
3 - Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush - Red
4- Rimmel London Moisture Renew - In Love With Ginger
I didn't even realise all of these were Rimmel when using them haha.. oops!

Do you colour your hair?
I dooo! I've been all sorts of colours, but at the minute I'm a dark brown, which is closest to my natural colour.

At the salon?
I wish.. I do it myself!

What is your stylists name?
Soph ;)

What is your natural hair color?
A dark brown.

Do you have straight or curly hair?
I used to have ringlets when I was little, but these have dropped now I have such long heavy hair, so it's still pretty curly, just not tight curls!

Do you use a curling iron?
Only on special occasions really, who has time to go to all that effort on a normal day.. not meeeee!

A straightener?
Yep, I used to straighten my hair all the time, but it's very rare I do now! weird.. I don't know why I suddenly stopped haha.

Do you use serum and if so what kind?
I'm afraid not :)

Do you use any other hair products and what kinds?
I sometimes use a moose, (cant remember what it's called), obviously heat protection, and hairspray, the usual really.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
I use bed head at the minute.

What deodorant do you use?
Dove go fresh.
What body wash do you use?
Soap and Glory, Zoella's range, uhhh I think that's it!

What perfumes do you use or like? Name five:
I'm terrible for collecting perfumes, I have loads! But my 3 ultimate favourites are;
- Lady Million
- anything, literally anything, by Britney Spears
- Alien

Do you always have to smell good?
Definitely! I don't feel fully dressed without perfume on! Is that just me?!

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?
Not mine!
What jewellery do you wear most?
I wear one ring, and a pair of earrings.

What jewellery do you crave most?
I can't say I 'crave' jewellery..
Purses and Shoes

How many purses do you own?

Only the one!

Which is your favourite?
The only one I have ;)
How many shoes do you own?
I seriously couldn't tell you.. way too many, I have a whole room dedicated to clothes and shoes haha! oops!

Which pair is your favourite?
My Timberlands, or my Lacoste dap thingys.

What are your top five favorite stores to clothes shop?
Newlook, Primark, Topshop, River Island!

What is your favorite shirt?
My strappy vest tops from Primark, my go to :) although they've slightly changed the style now though, not impressed :(

What is your favorite jeans?
I love the ones from Topshop! Expensive but sooooo worth it.

Favourite nail polish?
I love any of the Barry M Gelly range!

Favourite magazine to read?
I generally don't read any magazines, but if I do it's usually the ones with every day peoples stories in.. you know, the "my mum slept with my boyfriend" stories.. haha!

Favourite book?
My most recent has been Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, I should read more than I do really!

Favourite band?
I don't have one, how boring.

Favorite Girly movie?
The Notebook, in tears every time!

Do you enjoy being a girl?
I do! I'm very much so a girly girl :)


So there we go, I quite enjoyed doing that, I've learnt I must love Rimmel Products.. and I should probably get rid of some shoes! haha.
If you decide to do this Tag yourself, let me know, I want to read all of your answers!!


  1. Such a interesting and great tag!! ^-^ I would like to join it!
    Dear I really like your blog so I've nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award, hope you're glad ^-^
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Aw thankyou so much! That's really kind of you xxx

  2. I haven't seen this tag before - I love rimmel lipsticks too, they're great for the price x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. They're brilliant for the price! I love them xx

  3. so fun to read you answers girly girl! I actually don't have a lot of bags myself, I'm more into shoes and clothes.

    1. I'm generally not big on bags.. I don't see the facination!
      Me too! I have way too many shoes xxx

  4. Hi :) this tag is really pretty ! Also I'm so happy that you mentioned Zoella products :) I read the book and I really like it :) also I've ordered the scrub and the bubble bath :)

    Have a lovely day !

    1. It was so fun to do :)
      Yes I love zoellas products! The scrub is AMAZING! You will love it!!


  5. I've not read a post like this in a long time, it's refreshing and nice to get to know the gal behind the blog. I'm there with you on the Barry M Gelly nail polish, I love the stuff.

    Barbie Sparkles | Beauty, +SizeFashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. It was fun to do! Do it yourself if you get the chance, I love reading people's answers and getting to know them better.
      & they're brill aren't they?! For such a small price! Xxx

  6. Great tag! I love Topshop jeans too :) x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. They're definitely my go to jeans! Xxx

  7. All I can see is Rimmel London Rimmel London Rimmel London haha! good tag!
    Charlotte //

    1. ah I know! I didn't realise the obsession until I wrote this! oops xx

  8. Wonderful pics! Have a great start tot he week:)

  9. This is such a cute tag and really interesting to read!
    Lucy X

    1. I actually had a lot of fun doing it! Xx

  10. Great post! I loved reading the tag, I love the original naked palette.

  11. I love reading tags - especially beauty ones! You can't beat RImmel for make up and the match perfection is the foundation I use every day! x x

    1. And me! I do love Rimmel, more than I realised I think haha! It's so good isn't it?! For the price aswell!! Xxx

  12. Loved reading through this! I agree on the perfume - I can never go without a few spritz before the day. :) x

    1. If I forget to do it I literally don't feel fully dressed haha! How strange xxx

  13. Great post - love reading people's answers to these x

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