Friday, 25 August 2017

August | Instagram Photo Diary

August has been a pretty busy month for me, with trying to juggle to a new baby and every day life it's safe to say its been rather hectic. Although, looking back at my IG photos it would seem the month has consisted of bath products haha. August was the month I was actually allowed to use bath bombs again so of course.. I went a little crazy!

A girl can never have too many lipsticks right?! I purchased a few new shades this month, which I definitely didn't need but I like to tell myself I did. 

I wasn't lying when I said I stocked up on the bath bombs haha.. these were kindly given to me by my best pal, safe to say he knows me very well. Lush Cosmetics is my all time favourite bath product brand, everything smells amazing and you better believe my house smells like a lush shop right now. 

Alfie first outing in his push chair! He slept the entire journey, of course. we saw a few children from my work which was super lovely as well, they were pretty confused as to where this baby had suddenly come from, it was so sweet. Id like to say Alfie had a lovely time but honestly, I doubt he even realised he left the house!

Ive come to realisation this month that I seem to buy products that are pink just because I like the colour and think they're pretty?! I really, really need to stop doing this, but how can I when they look like this?! Again.. splurging on the bath products, oopsie! Soap and Glory is another favourite brand, their body wash especially being one of my absolute favourites, smells amazing.

 Mac also bought me a few new bath bombs this month which was super lovely of him. One of which being this little rocket which I think is fast becoming my favourite bath bomb, intergalactic aside! It's a slow fizzer and really frothy. I really want to try the jelly bombs which have just launched but I'm really not a fan of cleaning the bath afterwards. Im really very lazy, well now I have Alfie anyway!

& Finally, the main man himself. My little bean is now a month old, honestly not entirely sure what I've been doing this month for it to go SO bloody quickly. Alfie is now smiling away and is awake a lot longer throughout the day, he's starting to pay more attention to toys/rattles and is generally just a really, really happy little lad. Im very lucky. How cute is this photo though?! cannot. cope. You can read all about Alfies one month update HERE.



  1. Your feed is so pretty and Alfie is so gorgeous! X


  2. Oooo I'm on a lipstick purchase ban at the moment until I use more of the many many lipsticks I already have! The shades you have are gorgeous, and so is little Alfie! Making me feel all the broody feels ^-^ 👽

    1. i really should do that myself but its so so difficult to stop haha xx

  3. Alfie is Gorgeous! I love the little baby grow!



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