Thursday, 17 August 2017

Alfie. | 1 Month Update

I know everyone is bound to say this but I genuinely cannot believe that Alfie is a month old?! Im really not sure where those 4 weeks have gone, it's gone so so quickly considering the days feel so bloody long because I'm so sleep deprived haha, but we're getting there, and I feel we're now pretty settled into mummy and baby life. 

Yeah, gone are the days when I could go to sleep when I wanted, and get up when I wanted. Alfie generally has his last bottle before bed at around 10/11, we'll then pop him in his moses basket next to the bed and he'll sleep for about 4 hours now minimum, sometimes longer, before waking up for a bottle. He's actually a really good sleeper, he's slept up to 6 hours at most through the night which compared to my friends babies, is a bloody godsend haha. I think the more chilled out you are with the whole thing, the more chilled the baby is. He cuddles the same teddies at bedtime every night which I think has helped him associate them with going to sleep - if that makes sense? We were sent 3 gorgeous teddies from GUND which are part of their Jungle Friends range, honestly the softest teddies ever. They sent Alfie the Lion teddy, the Lion rattle, and the Lion puppet, his favourite is the rattle and he'll happily chew on this one as he slowly drifts off to sleep which I have to say, looks bloody adorable. He hasn't really shown much of an interest in any of his other teddies friends/family have given him, I'm thinking it's because the teddies from GUND are so soft, he seems to have a thing with really soft blankets too haha. We used teddies in his moses basket from birth so it was important we didn't use anything too scary looking or too brightly coloured as this would've just been a massive distraction and kept him awake rather than send him to sleep, the GUND toys we were sent were muted pastel colours so we had no problem there. I would really recommend sticking to certain teddies for bed time, as this has really helped with Alfie getting into a routine already. You can find the teddies pictured above HERE. the peter rabbit toys are bloody gorgeous and on my list to purchase. 

They say that babies don't smile until they're around 6 weeks old, as I write this Alfie is just approaching 4 weeks old and he's already had his first smile. This isn't just wishful thinking on my part haha, I know what a 'wind' smile is now, and this was completely different - Matt was giving him kisses and he gave us the biggest grin, it was so lovely. theres nothing like your child's first smile. He's also more aware of whats around him now, his vision is a lot better (newborns are born with pretty shite vision) and he is recognising faces, he stares right into your eyes taking in everything which is lovely. He is also loving my fairy lights at the moment as I'm assuming the bright lights are pretty eye catching for him.

Good lord do I have a hungry baby - he is always hungry. Definitely his mothers child haha. He's having 5 ounces of milk currently and near enough finishes the bottle each time, and he'll go about 3 hours before he decides he's hungry again - but I'm 100% sure that if I just kept feeding him he'd drink it all haha.. I shan't be doing that though don't you worry. But with being a greedy baby comes the constant sickiness and burping - Alfie isn't usually sick but when he is, good god it's like a fountain haha. We've had a few troubles with him not being able to bring up his wind - Infacol has been an absolute godsend with this and I honestly don't think we would've got through the first 2 weeks without it. He's a star now though, and burps away whenever his back is rubbed. 

I think I'm going to do one Alfie update every month - as I don't want this blog to become just a mummy blog, so keep an eye out for them and ill try my best to make sure I stick at it.



  1. He's super cute! It's good that he's sleeping for at least 4 hours at a time as well, but I can imagine how tired you are!! You sound like you're doing really well, which is great :) xo

    Char |

    1. I know right?! I'm definitely lucky with the whole sleep thing xo


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