Saturday, 25 March 2017

Homeware Haul | Primark & Disney

Another homeware haul.. I know, could I really need anything else for my house? Probably not, but, y'know! Today I made my merry way to Primark and Clintons, Primark homeware is my absolute favourite and a complete bargain, & I hoped that Clintons would have the Beauty and the Beast merch, which luckily they did!

The first thing I picked up is this insanely soft throw from Primark- they actually do a pretty good selection of afford throws, for only £6 I couldn't really not pick this up. It'll look fab in the living room! This was £6.

Again, another purchase for the living room. I plan to pop these on the sofa along with 2 other grey cushions, I'm really liking the blue/yellow thing going on at the moment! These were £3 each.

Ive no idea why but this tropical kinda print was absolutely everywhere in town today, especially in Primark. Not that I really needed it, but I picked up a new makeup bag, I think the print enticed me in more than anything haha. This was £5.

I don't think you can really go wrong with Primark fairy lights, I've still got a set around my bed and they've lasted me a good 2 years now. They're such brilliant quality and I'm obsessed with anything gold/copper at the moment. These were £6.

Completely random purchases I know.. I actually got through the door and was like ay? What have I picked up here haha.. I think these were one of those "oh shit I picked it up but actually kept it in the basket by accident". Heyho, I can make them work! I think i'll probably pop a little flower in the jug and the print in the baby room. The print was £2 & the jug £3.

Oh my the nicest smelling candle ever.. see what I mean about the tropical pattern? Not only does this smell insane but it looks cute too. This was £3.

One of my favourite purchases.. anything disney themed has sold itself to me. I LOVE these pj bottoms, they're really retro and a tight fit which I much prefer! £8 for these bad boys!

Another weird purchase but I loved the colours haha, such a weird looking light that will look fab in the living room, it's one of those that looks super expensive when really it came from Primark for a fiver haha. 

& finally the cutest things I picked up. Thank the lord for Clintons having these, I watched the new Beauty and the Beast film last night and spotted these in the window, again, I love anything disney, but the quotes on these are too cute to leave behind. Don't really need another makeup bag but, we'll brush that aside.. The makeup bag was £8 and the cushion £10.

Soph x


  1. You got so many lovely bits! Primark homeware is my fave, I went in there the other day and they've got so much nice stuff in. X


  2. I absolutely love the wire lamp! I definitely need to pick this up. I'm in serious need of a trip to Primark x

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. I love everything you've picked it up - it's all so lovely! Those cushions are gorgeous - I love the pom pom detailing! That wire frame light is soo cool and now I really want it haha!! I love it all xo

    Char |

  4. you picked up so many lovely things. the throw looks so soft! the makeup bag looks like a really good size, I definitely need to get one! x

  5. Everything in this haul makes me giddy! I LOVE those pillows! We don't have Primark in the states (at least not that I'm aware of...) and I'm kind of glad because I feel like I would go broke if we did! 😂


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