Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Little Homeware Haul - I'm Moving Out!

Finally, after endless hours of searching and low key panicking, Matt & me are due to move into our very first home next month, I honestly couldn't be more excited. So excited that for months now I've been picking up a few homeware bits every now and then. Gradually the collection of bits has grown haha.. so I thought I would share a couple of my favourite things I've picked up with you. 

How bloody cute are these miniature milk bottles?! I absolutely love anything old fashioned or rustic, I bought these about a year ago at a Car Boot Sale and instantly fell in love with them immediately. 
 They come in a little white metal crate which adds to how cute they look, or so I think anyway haha! I'm pretty sure these were the old school milk bottles used back in the day for school children, I love  the little labels on these. Ive used these for milkshakes a fair few times, making sure to keep the label separate so not to ruin it. The plan is to place these on my worktop in my kitchen, I've found keeping my straws in here quite handy. The singular milk bottle to the left was actually purchased from Ikea, I don't think it was any more than £3!

This beautiful frame was a birthday gift from my best friend. Such a thoughtful gift. I plan to put this either in my hall way or living room, and it looks amazing when the light catches it because of the sequins inside. So pretty. 

Again, another gift from my best friend. He knows me very well. There was a stage when I was very obsessed with deers fawns and stags. I think this came from Asda actually, if you've never checked out Asda homeware before definitely do because they have some seriously amazing bits. To give it a pop of colour I've put my floral headband around the antlers, this was unintentional to begin with- but has stayed put because I think it looks a millions times better actually haha. 

Finally, I was searching for aaaages for a sharing bowl with little sections so I can put a drink in the middle, and fruit around the outside. I was browsing B&M a little while back and came across this, it's perfect! The little bottles I talked about to begin with fit perfectly in the centre, I've been putting fruit around the outside but sweets and chocolate would look fab! Especially when you have friends around for a film night.

I am SO exited to move out and get going!

Soph xo

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  1. So many lovely things! I especially love those mini milk bottles, they're so cute! X


    1. ah they're so cute aren't they! xo

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  3. Ah these items look amazing!! I love that sharing bowl!!
    Nicole x

    1. its been so handy when friends are around! xo

  4. Congratulations on finding and moving into your first home! I love all of these little bits and the sharing bowl is super cute - love it!xo

    Char |

    1. thank you lovely, I'm so excited! xo

  5. all of these are so lovely. I love those milk bottles and they look so nice with the straws in. the photo frame with sequins in looks beautiful x

  6. awww those milk bottles are sooo cute!! I moved out about a year ago but I still need like 3/4th of proper furniture haha. Moving out is a journey but I love decorating and buying homeware so much!


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