Saturday, 7 May 2016

Starting YouTube.

So many exciting things have happened recently, by that, I mean so many amazing days out, seeing special people, etcetc, and I recently realised that other than pictures, I have no way to remember the things I get up to. Which is when I decided to set up a youtube channel, mainly for myself.

As lets face it who would be excited about watching me, friends or family get up to every day things, or visiting special places, and by that I mean visiting new forest is about as exciting as it gets in my case haha. I just wanted somewhere where I could video the day, edit it all together, and have it to watch in years time, when maybe those special people might not be around anymore.. How lush would it be to sit back and watch your life in front of you, rather than looking at a picture. 

So yeah, Ive set up a YouTube channel. There isn't anything on there yet, and it won't be regular uploads, it's just a place where I'll be uploading things that I wanted to remember and treasure for the future. If you're remotely interested, which I expect you aren't; Ill inform you of the channel when things are actually going on. What a great start haha!

Thanks for being fab lovelies, 

Soph xo 

1 comment:

  1. Wow Soph, this is amazing news! I'd absolutely love to watch your videos, so if you could give me a link ;) Good luck with your Youtube channel, I think it's fantastic!
    Georgia xxx


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