Tuesday, 26 April 2016

3 Instagram accounts you NEED to follow.

If you know me or my blog well, you will know that Instagram seems to be the only form of social networking that I actually stick to. I browse through Facebook to catch up on any gossip in my area, I tweet when I'm pissed off or when something hilarious happens, but Instagram is what I always use, I seem to be on it all the time. I much prefer having a visual of what people are up to, rather than reading hugeeee paragraphs. 

Recently Ive been scrolling through my feed, and have seen so many beaut pictures that I thought I had to give people credit for, y'know, sharings caring n' all that. 

Here are my 3 fave accounts at the moment.


Glitterycupkate is a blogger so its to no ones surprise that her photos are bleddy amazing. She takes the prettiest pictures of makeup, and is generally so lovely. I often see her comment on my pictures which is sweet, girls complimenting other girls is rare these days. She's a little ray of sunshine :) 
You can find her blog here.


Exactly what it says on the tin, Jade posts pictures of things she loves, and I'm so envious of all the pretty things she owns haha! from nail varnish, to makeup. Her account is one I always look out for because I rarely buy makeup off my own back, I'm always too scared to buy makeup I've never tried incase I don't like it. Can't be wasting money when you're lacking funds haha. So her account is handy when I want to see swatches. She's bleddy amazing at nails by the way, I need to recreate some of her creations! 


Ahhh this little gem, Ive followed Hannah for as long as I can remember, before the big success on youtube, (I was around when she had under 500 subs!) haha. Hannah has been doing some pretty exciting things recently, all of which have been documented on her Instaaaa! From going to the Benefit event, to her recent outings, she takes such pretty pictures, she really has a dab hand for it. Whilst you're here, make sure you make a special effort to subscribe to her youtube channel, fabuloushannah, she is so close to 50k. Which is literally MENTAL. I feel like a proud mum because I've been here since the beginning hah, I honestly could not think of someone who deserves such a success more. Id imagine she's as lovely in person as she comes across online. Hannah if you read this, I will have a card awaiting you for when you reach 50k, eekkk!


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