Sunday, 16 July 2017

June & July 2017 | Photo Diary

Do forgive how early but also how late this post is going up.. I majorly failed with Junes photo diary, and I just know with baby due any day now, July will probably be a fail too, so here we have a mix of the two! What a fab blogger I am, the absolute best. 

Despite being heavily pregnant to the point where baby could arrive any second, I still somehow have time for the bath bombs, bubble bars, and candles in my life. Sigh! Bunny Cake has been my absolute favourite to burn in the living room throughout June, it smells like vanilla icing and who doesn't like a bit of that!?

I rediscovered my love for the beauty that is MACs Mariah Carey collection lipstick in the shade Mcizzle, completely heart eyed over all that glitter. But of course, I still haven't brought myself to actually using it, I can't bring myself to ruining its perfect prettiness!

Having moved out just before the summer began, it meant I actually went through all my makeup and brushes and gave away the bits I didn't use, it was hard to do but I'm so glad I did it because it reminded me of all the products/brushes I have that don't get much use, this being one of them. Too Faced products are my absolute favourite, not only because they're so bloody pretty, but the quality is amazing. This brush honestly feels like teddy bear fur, I kid you not, and how pretty is the baby blue and gold combo?!

The only good thing about maternity leave.. I'm home long enough to create amazing milkshakes - this one was galaxy chocolate favourite and honestly, looking at this photo now is making me want another, it was too good, and probably seriously unhealthy but we'll skip past that..

A cheaper alternative to the ever so popular Tom Ford lipsticks, these little beauties have been a part of my collection for over a year now but were rarely used because I just own too many lipsticks. Thankfully though I parted with the ones I don't use too much and these are now sitting proudly on top of my dressing table, which is where they thoroughly deserve to stay because they are just beautiful.

& finally, strawberry picking has been a love this summer. Being the whale that I currently am, I didn't think id be able to go this year, but luckily the strawberries were grown on tables which meant I didn't have to bend at all. Which was a good job really, as I really don't think I would be able to get back up again haha. I wrote a post a few weeks back on the whole day out as I loved it so much, you can read that here.

All of the above photos have been taken from my Instagram @sophcullen

I hope you're all having the best summer, 

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  1. That milkshake though! Yum. :)

  2. I love your photos! That Bunny Cake candle looks seriously cute!xx

    Hannah | Luxuryblush

    1. ah thank you lovely.. it does smell amazing! xo

  3. I absolutely love your photos. the Too Faced brush looks beautiful, I love the colour x

    1. aw thank you love. Doesn't it?! love the blue and gold x

  4. These photos are lovely! I love the idea of having a photo diary.

  5. I wish I bought that MAC Mariah lipstick, it's so pretty xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

    1. Im so glad I did - its gorgeous! x

  6. Aww hope your baba arrives soon! I literally lived for relaxing bubble baths whilst I was pregnant! x

    Gemma Louise

    1. me too! its my due date today but theres still no sign.. seriously struggling :( xo


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