Monday, 25 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit; CANDY K

It feels like I have been waiting for this lip kit for months. I wasn't, but I was so excited for it, it literally felt like an age haha. But honestly, I feel like it's just a novelty, which will definitely ware off given a few months. 

Before ordering, all I knew about the lip kits were the colours. That was it. I didn't know where or how they were made, how much thought had gone into each one, the quality, or how they felt on, nothing. I just knew I wanted to try one, it's like when you buy something just because of the designer label isn't it? I guess you could say I bought CANDY K because I'd seen a lot of pictures, and because Kylie created it. 

When I looked on the website I half expected to see all of the kits sold out, but surprisingly there was loads, I think I just looked at a good time and got lucky. I popped it in my basket and proceeded to checkout, paid for it etcetc, and waited for the conformation email, which I received almost instantly. The shipping email came a few days later, I wasn't too phased about this as I guessed the company would be in high demand so it'd take a little while to get the ball rolling. It took about 3 weeks to arrive, when it did, I was greeted with that lovely card popped through my letter box, "your package is at your local post office due to a customs fee" fabulous. 

It was £11.80, 11 pound fucking 80! I don't know much about customs charges as Ive never had one before but jeeeeeesus christ I thought this was pretty pricey for what it was really?!

Anyway, I tried it out straight away, the first thing I noticed was the lip liner is super soft and creamy, and didn't drag my lips at all. But because of this, it wears down really quickly, much quicker than any other lip liner I own, the picture above was after 2 uses & no sharpening. Although id much rather a good quality lip liner that wears down quickly, than a shitty one that looks terrible, right? 

When applying the kit, I start with the lip liner, lining the outline of my lips, this is much harder than it looks, but I say this every time haha. I fill in more than needed, as I find this helps the actual lipstick last a little longer. 

Can we also talk about how amazing the lipstick smells, oh golly its like strawberry milkshake, good move, Kylie. It was pretty easy to apply, the lip liner definitely makes the application much easier, and look better in my opinion. 

It's a lot pinker than I expected it to be, on different skin tones I've noticed it's a lot more brown, but on me it's a very dark pink, which I think comes across quite well in the photos. Completely different to the colour on the side of the box though, it's definitely not dark purple. I can't really complain though, as I do love the colour a lot.
I wore it from 9oclock in the morning, until 4oclock in the afternoon. I didn't eat anything messy, drank through a straw, and didn't touch it all day, and surprisingly it lasted really well, it was mainly the corners that started rubbing away, but after 7 hours I can't be too surprised. 


It felt horrible. It was so so dry, I felt like I wanted to lick my lips every 2 seconds. I don't know if anyone else feels the same when wearing these, but I couldn't wait to rub it off and put lip balm on. (I will say I put lip balm on every night, and I had some on before applying the lip kit, and rubbing it off). So it wasn't because my lips were dry, this kit just made them that way.

I think overall; I love the colour, I love the idea of a matte liquid lipstick, as the application is more precise and clean, but if I had to buy another, I would probably look for a cheaper alternative. Like I said earlier I think with the lip kits, it's more of a novelty than a brilliant product. Don't get me wrong, It's good, but for the price, and also customs, I don't really think it's worth it. When, lets be honest, I could've probably picked up a pretty good dupe on the high street. 

Have you tried any of the lip kits? Do you have the same opinion?
Let me know, If I'm the only one, I might consider trying a different one in the future.

Lotsa Love, 
Soph xo

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  1. I think I may not buy one anymore, thank you for being very honest! You look really pretty with it one though!
    Amy xx

  2. I love how honest you were in this review, nevertheless it still looks super pretty on you! x


    1. Thank you, I tried haha! oh bless you thats really kind of you, thank you so much x

  3. This shade looks so pretty on you!

    xo, Liz

    1. thank you so much! Im still unsure haha x

  4. This is such a great and honest review! I've been thinking about purchasing a lip kit or two for a while now and, to be honest, I think I'll just buy the Colour Pop or NYX ones instead as I believe they are both pretty much as good and are a fraction of the price! This colour does look gorgeous though and really does suit you :) xo

    Char |

    1. i did try haha! Hmm thats what I was like, kinda regretting it now if I'm honest. I want to try the colour pop ones, let me know what you think of them when you do! xxx


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