Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Instagram: Life In Pictures.

Instagram is still my absolute favourite form of social media, so much so I'm basically on it all the time. Oopsie, not even sorry. Ive included a few of my recent posts, to share them with you and possibly explain each one, as I don't really put a caption on the old Insta.


This was when I pretended I picked these myself, definitely didn't.
Favourite blush, I still haven't used this yet, it's far too pretty!

My favourite phone case I own, completely heart eyed over it!

Crazy that it's school leavers time already. I look after children of a nursery age, one little boy gave us this as a gift, and it's the nicest thing we've ever received. Cried my eyes out.

I got my nails done! I never ever treat myself to anything, so I thought it was about time!

I bought this bracelet for a friend, she's a Youtuber so I thought the camera was pretty relevant haha. We finally got around to seeing each other this month, and I bloody adore her! ps.. go and subscribe to her; Fabulous Hannah

My Kylie Lipkit FINALLY arrived, it felt like I waited a bloody life time. See previous post to hear all about my indifferent opinion on it; Kylie Lip Kit Review

and I shall follow you right back.

Lotsa Love,

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  1. i love your instagram photos! your nails look so lovely:) x


    1. oh thank you lovely, I love yours too! x


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