Monday, 30 November 2015

Feeling Overwhelmed.

Remember me? 

It's been a long while since I've posted on here; for someone who used to post so regularly anyway. I kinda fell out of love with blogging, eventually.

I was doing the best id ever done at this whole blogging thing, posts were going up often, I was proud of what I'd created, and I really enjoyed what I was doing, and then things suddenly changed, so I stopped posting, stopped reading other peoples posts, stopped being obsessed with instagram, now thats when you know something is wrong - I LOVE instagram haha. I pretty much fell out of love with everything, and I don't even have a reason, not really. 

Initially, I think at the time I had so much work I needed to be doing alongside blogging. I work full time as a nursery nurse, and I don't just work at work if you get me - often work comes home with me, whether thats written work, or planning in my head things I need to do for certain children etcetc. So because of that I stepped away from blogging for a bit, and by the time I was ready to come back, I felt so overwhelmed by everything, so I just avoided it. The thought of logging onto bloglovin to read hundreds of posts id missed out on was actually quite intimidating, I know I don't have to read them all, but I used to before I let them all pile up. I still haven't logged on yet. 

The thought of writing a new post just didn't feel right, it was an effort to do so, and it shouldn't be an effort. I know everyone feels like this sometimes, because its bloody difficult balancing work, life, and this all at the same time. Ive also been quite poorly recently, so that helped, haha. 

Im not one to feel sorry for myself though, so moping around and doing nothing (blogging wise) isn't my thing - id rather get straight back into it because I loved doing it so much, so you can imagine how annoying it was, not being able to do it because my heart wasn't really in it anymore. Writing this has actually helped though, it's reminded me why I started this in the first place, I've achieved a lot though blogging and I'm proud of myself. :)

I can't promise regular posts, or 100% dedication all the time, but I've got to be realistic really - things will happen, life happens and things get in the way, and thats normal. Shit happens. 

So yeah, that should hopefully explain all. I'm back, and I'm very happy about it! 


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  1. Hope you're feeling a lot better after your break. I've also experienced this last year, but unfortunately I closed down my old blog. I'm back though, doing what I love and it's good that you are too! :)

  2. I've only recently started blogging and I have missed posts because I haven't gotten into the rhythm of things (I think this is why I do not have many people reading it). However the people who do read my blog understand why I miss posts so I understand why you have taken a break

  3. Welcome Back, sweetie. I hope you are feeling better, you are really good at blogging ... so don't give up.

    XOXO Mimi


  4. Great post and blog . I just follow you <3

  5. Such an open and honest post. I totally understand this feeling... With me, I go through phases of loving blogging and then hating it :( but I have just learnt to understand that it's ok to take a break sometimes! The people that truly appreciate your blog and the process that goes in to making posts wont mind at all :)) Keep pushing hun xx

    Christine |


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